There are some videos that I never get sick of watching; among them is 森の安藤, or “Mr. Ando of the Woods,” a bizarre animated short about a penguin who saves a community of forest animals from the evils of human development.

I watch Mr. Ando of the Woods all the way through every time I come across it, and Koichi’s even included it in some TextFugu lessons.

It’s a project of Japanese animator Takashi Taniguchi, an animator who’s done more than his fair share of weird animation.

His work is filled with flat voice acting and sound effects done entirely by him, characters who go into long asides filled with non sequiturs, and strange premises.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

Some of Taniguchi’s strangest work has made it up online, subtitled for foreign audiences.

Shigeo is Handsome

Good-looking people seem to get everything in life; they get the most attractive dates, the best jobs, and their handsomeness can deflect bullets.

Salaryman Man

There are many salarymen in Japan, but only one Salaryman Man, the savior of white collar workers across the country. He’ll drink you under the table during nomikai, then use his business cards to fly away and fight evil. My hero!

The Tears of Junichi the Rough

Some people chain themselves to trees to protest the harm that humans do to the environment. Other people, like Junichi the Rough, grab people with their loin cloth and swing them around menacingly. I’ll let you decide which is more effective.

There are a ton more bizarre animations from Takashi Taniguchi, but these are some of the few that have been subtitled.

For more oddball animation, check out Takashi Taniguchi’s homepage and Twitter, or take a look on YouTube.

  • 古戸ヱリカ


  • Mickie

    I’m the same way, I can’t not watch Mr. Ando when I come across it!

  • Mr. Ando



  • ando SAN

    ahahah 古戸ヱリカ
    I have pero rolled my whole class. It’s awkward when it gets to the last pero s but SO funny i cant help watching it again and again

  • Mescale

    I don’t think its really necessary to translate it, haven’t you ever heard the saying if you ever use romaji you will … STRIKE! ANDO-SAN STRIKE!

  • Kalin Soden

    Ah I love this guy, I went on a quest late last year downloading all of his videos it’s just… surreal.

  • p3tersan

    This is totally unreal!!

  • Meg Datsameh

    That first video… It was so touching. TT.TT peroperoperoperopero~

  • Yusoroughkoichi

    The tears of Koichi, the rough.

  • Shollum

    Does anyone know where I can get transcripts of these videos?

  • rennn

    光子さん 待ちなさい!

  • Ricky

    In the year 2012 a man by the name Takashi Taniguchi died. He was a voice actor.
    Was he also the brains behind these?

  • sinep

    Different guy. The animator is still alive and active on twitter and his website, both linked in the article above.