In Japan, there’s a huge and vibrant community of people who love to make things, whether they’re pre-made models, crafts, gadgets or anything in between.

You can see what I’m talking about in our post last week about the Tokyo Maker Fair.

One of the coolest DIY projects that’s come out of Japan recently has been the “Last Camera.” It’s a little, built-it-yourself film camera that’s so named because in a world of Instagram and DSLRs, it feels like it might be the last film camera in the world.

You can buy the Last Camera kit for about $45 and assemble it yourself. It has an interchangeable lens and light leak switch to give your pictures a little more flair.

But the real story here is the customization of Last Camera. The builders encourage you to customize it as much as you want, and some Last Camera owners have taken that suggestion as a mission.

Here’s what a stock Last Camera looks like:


Here’s what the Last Camera looks like after artists get a hold of them:


Sure, most of these are more art installations than actual, functioning cameras, but I think that it’s great that so many artists have been able to turn one of the last film cameras into something memorable.

You can find the Last Camera website here.

Via the Mescale Newsletter (still in alpha)

  • Flint

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    The fourth one from the bottom looks like what happens when I try to assemble anything, ever.


    The last one is Animal strung out on crystal meth.

  • piderman

    You can buy one at the following link but it looks like it’s Japan only. Maybe one of the remailing sites can help out? :)

  • Hamyo

    Hmmm…. maybe if i watering the third one, it will be turning in to a beatuful garden i think. :D

  • zoomingjapan

    Wow, I loved this entry! Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  • Helen Kirifides

    This kind of reminds me of Munny dolls ( ), but cooler in a way because they actually do something after you build them (or can do something). :) Pretty neat.