Behold! Another musical timewaster for your listening pleasure (hopefully). This time we’ve got two bands again, WEAVER and Avengers in Sci-Fi. They’re both pretty good, and one of the bands really knows how to rock out on a piano while the other sounds like they might be from the future or outer space or something awesome like that. Are you excited? You should be!


Remember how last week we talked about Japanese bands that sing in English? Well, I really like this first WEAVER song – except when they start singing in English. I really wish they didn’t, but I tolerate it because I love that piano. Does it bug you too, or is it just me? I also hate it when bands have their names in all caps. Shame on you, WEAVER, shame on you.

WEAVER is a Japanese rock trio band under A-Sketch, a sub-label created by AMUSE in 2008. The trio formed in 2004 during high school in Kobe, Japan and made their debut in 2009 with the digital single “Hakuchoumu”. In 2010 they released their debut single “Hard to Say I Love You”, which was used as the theme song for the drama Sunao ni Narenakute.

To be honest, I don’t know how much I would like WEAVER if you took their piano away. I really enjoy piano, and nothing else about the band really stands out. I think I wouldn’t mind them without the piano, but the piano is really what makes them unique and worth listening to in my eyes.

I really like the sound of this last song. It’s very light and happy feeling. This is probably why I enjoy WEAVER’s music so much. It just makes me feel good. Wouldn’t you agree?

Avengers in Sci-Fi

And now for something completely different. Avengers in Sci-Fi is a Japanese rock band signed to Victor Entertainment. Their multi-genre sound has been described as “a spaceship of rock” as well as “spacey dance rock” which is pretty accurate I suppose. This band is really awesome.

This is my favorite song in the whole post.

The band members were all classmates at a high school in Kanagawa. They formed the band in 2002, debuting as an independent artist under K-Plan in 2004 and their debut album Avenger Strikes Back came out in 2006. In 2007, the band played at the rookie stage in the Fuji Rock summer festival and later went on tour. In 2008, the band released their second album, Science Rock.

The band also contributed to a Disney song cover compilation album, Disney Rocks! (which is kind of funny in my opinion, click here to listen), covering “Mickey Mouse March.” The band went on to be picked as one of the iTunes Japan “Sound of 2010″ break-through artists. In 2010, the band released their third album, Dynamo, led by the single “Delight Slight Lightspeed,” which debuted at #20 on Oricon’s daily singles charts.

The band has a very indie/alternative/space-groove sound that I enjoy. They’re nice to listen to and a good departure from the mainstream J-pop and the like. I like their more recent stuff the best (the first two videos) but all of their stuff is good. Their concerts probably wouldn’t be as exciting to attend as say, Polysics, but I’d certainly enjoy going to one. What do you think?

So tell me, which band did you like better – WEAVER or Avengers in Sci-Fi? Have any other neat bands along these lines to suggest? Let us know in the comments!

  • Guin Oyaji

    I liked Avenger in Sci-Fi better. From just listening to the first song. Also the lead singer/guitarist (the one with the fro) Reminds of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. I wonder if thats the reason he got the fro in the first place?lol. Also was it just me or did the girl (at the begining of the vid ) Did she walk kind of tomboyish?

  • ぴょっちゃん

    Oh my god, I’ve fallen in love with WEAVER O.O Thank you, John!!! (^ω^)/

  • John

    Haha, awesome! So glad to be of service :D

  • Elisabet Nielsen

    I like Avengers in Sci-Fi best, WEAVER are good too, but I feel that they sound just a bit too repetitive at times (might just be me). Don’t know if the band I’m suggesting is “along these lines” and I don’t think you have mentioned them before in your music posts, but you should really check them out if you haven’t already. Because they are great. Oh, and I’m talking about amazarashi. :)

  • Milán Marsi

    Avengers in Sci-Fi sound great, and kudos for them not singing in english. The very bad pronunciation can be a huge turnoff, so I’m glad they’re sticking to good old japanese.

    WEAVER on the other hand didn’t really catch my attention, I skipped trough two of their songs and decided that they sound too much like to me, even with the piano.

  • kokoreaux

    They sound kind of daft punky

  • bauauamgeggeist

    I bought “dynamo” 2010 and I only liked this one song “hyper space music”. haha

  • FoxiBiri

    Gahhhh avengers in sci-fi is so good!!! Thank you John >.<"!!
    Do you know of any more bands or artists close to them or sakanaction?!
    おすすめください ^^


    Goooood Stuff.

  • John

    Haha, too bad.