Every Sunday we gather the week’s weird and interesting Japanese news and present it to you in our Sunday News column. It might not always be hard-hitting news, but we hope that it still informs and entertains you. Enjoy!



All-You-Can-Eat Burger King? This Is Madness, Japan.: In recognition of Burger King’s fifth year since it returned to Japan, it’s offering something unusual for a fast food restaurant: an all-you-can-eat meal. For a limited time, if you order one of its famous black burgers, you get half an hour to eat as much as humanly possible. There’s also the fact that Burger King appreviates to B’iKing, which sounds like “viking,’ which is, as you should know, an all-you-can-eat-buffet. You knew that, right?
[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth to Open in Japan: 3D printing has become cheaper and cheaper over the years, to the point where you can have your own at home. Or, for a limited time in Japan, you can use a 3D printing photo booth to print out miniature replicas of yourself. Narcissistic? Maybe. Cool? Definitely.

Anti-fart underwear a hit in Japan: Have you ever wished that you had some way to alleviate the embarrassment of passing gas in public? Or even worse, flatulece in private, intimate settings? Luckily, Japan once again has used its advanced scientific knowledge for the good of all of humanity by introducing underwear that breaks the scent of breaking wind. Testing by yours truly is ongoing. [via News on Japan][/threecol_one_last]


[threecol_one]Japanese maitre d’ Shin Miyazaki wins world cup for waiters: A lot of the times being a waiter can be a low-paying, thankless job, but Shin Miyazaki has elevated his maitre d’ skills into an artform. Last week, Miyazaki won the Georges Baptiste cup in recognition for being the world’s best waiter. It’s unknown at this time how good the tip was. [via News on Japan]

Japan Prime Minister dissolves parliament, calls for elections: The fact that Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda has been around for over a year is amazing enough, but now he’s doing something even more dramatic — dissolving parliament and calling for new elections, even though it seems likely that his party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), will lose.[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Report: Pleas for Japan’s Most Infamous (and Frightening) Blogger To Stop: I feel bad for Japanese actress Aki Higashihara. She likes to blog, but seems to leave a trail of broken dreams in her wake. Not only do the Japanese suspect that she’s responsible for the failure of the Dreamcast, the appearance of parasites in McDonald’s burgers, Japan’s poor performance in the Olympics, but they suspect that she’ll keep destroying people with her blog. I, for one, would like to invite her to blog for Tofugu and see what happens.


  • HatsuHazama

    Knowing the cheap, no-good, fast-food money making schemes, the black burger probably does something like swell up your throat, kill you, or give you explosive diarrhoea for EXACTLY 30 minutes.

  • Reptic

    Potentially even worse, the burgers are set to give you explosive diarrhea exactly 30 minutes after eating them. This way you get your fill for your money, but the moment its over… you experience an endless diarrhea combo stream that’s magnitude is directly proportional to how many burgers you foolishly chose to eat.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    I like this one. It’s like some kinda Twilight Zone ending.


    Too bad that underwear does not stop the sound. I would probably buy if it did. SBD’s are not really a problem.

  • Carol Matsubara

    That underwear should be required for economy class…I was regularly gassed again yesterday flying back from Detroit.