I was lucky enough to grow up Portland, a city with its own, authentic Japanese garden. Japan has always been known for its incredible gardens, so it’s been great to be so close Portland Japanese Gardens with its rock gardens, koi fish swimming around in ponds, and beautiful Japanese maple trees.

But not every Japanese garden is super traditional and old-school. Case in point, Hitachi Seaside Park.

Hitachi Seaside Park, or 国営ひたち海浜公園 in Japanese, is a government park in the city of Hitachinaka in Ibaraki prefecture.

The park features bright tulips, stunningly blue nemophila, carefully cultivated shrubs. The seemingly endless skies and brilliant colors gives Hitachi Seaside Park an unreal look; some people say that the wispy orange and pink shrubs look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, others say that the picturesque flowers seem like they were painted, not planted.

The pictures of this incredible park say more than I can. Check it out:

Photo by shin–k

Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh

Photo by madanan

Photo by katorisi

Photo by @yb_woodstock

Photo by katorisi

Photo by ajari

Photo by ajari

Photo by gracias!

Photo by ajari

Photo by ajari

Photo by gracias!

Header image by shin–k

  • Ben

    Oh my word, that looks gorgeous.

  • Brad

    It’s almost like it’s endless….

  • Pepper_the_Sgt

    That next to last picture, the river of flowers thing – just wow. All of the pictures are stunning. I have to go there now.

  • ZXNova

    Beautiful garden. How so pretty. BTW, I recently moved to Oregon and live in Eugene. Moved here from IL like 2 months ago. I’d like to see the Japanese Gardens in Portland. It’s a lot easier getting Japanese stuff here in Oregon then Illinois, I’m surprised by the amount of Asian Markets, There was never one where I used to live. Nice place so far.

  • Ryohei Fukuda

    These very beautiful photos feel like imaginary world.
    There is a nice dog in front of tulips, too :D

  • besterthenyou

    That landscaper needs many, many more raises. Some of the flower arrangements are just beautiful. And the flowing fields are… indescribable.


    Dr. Seuss would have shit a brick.

  • orangedude

    Too beautiful for words.

  • Corbin

    Wait Wait Wait, I’ve lived in portland since I was 3, and I didn’t know about this?!?! I need to take a break from the computer.

  • Hashi

    You should really come up to Portland and check it out! And while you’re here, stop by the Uwajimaya in Beaverton!

  • Hashi

    To be clear, these pictures aren’t from Portland. I just mentioned the Portland Japanese gardens in the introduction.

  • Hashi

    The landscapers should be making CEO money

  • besterthenyou

    For things that are reliant on the beauty of things, such as parks, they really should. You don’t take a walk in the park because the park is ugly. You take a walk in the park because it’s beautiful. So yeah, they should get CEO money. Or at least close. :)

  • gogo

    yet another reason to visit Japan

  • PurpleClouds

    Really breathtaking!! Can u suggest which is the best time to visit??? Thanks! I stay in Kanagawa, i might be able to go on a weekend(i hope)…

  • zoomingjapan

    I wanted to go there this atumumn. One of the photos you posted here I already found a few weeks ago and also posted it on Facebook and so wanted to go, but Ibaraki is just too far away! :(
    Great post! I love parks with tons of flowers and other things to enjoy! ^___^
    This one reminded me a lot of Awaji Island’s Yumebutai ^___^

  • Hashi

    Oooh, I should do a post on Yumebutai too! Thanks :)

  • Hashi

    I haven’t been there, so I really couldn’t say, sorry :( The official website might have some useful information though:

  • zoomingjapan

    Let me know when you do. I can provide a few photos of the autumn landscape there.

    Here’s one photo:

    I went there last October.

  • Sandra Silva Litao

    This should be in my bucket list!!