Every Sunday we gather the week’s weird and interesting Japanese news and present it to you in our Sunday News column. It might not always be hard-hitting news, but we hope that it still informs and entertains you. Enjoy!



Facebook cracking down on cosplay-related duplicate accounts: Bad news, cosplayers: Facebook is beginning to delete the profiles of cosplayers’ alternate identities. The company is trying harder and harder to make sure that all profiles are real people using their real names, which means that those with alternate profiles (like cosplayers) are in the crosshairs. Guess that means that my lolita profile is in danger too. Damn you, Facebook![/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Japanese Startup Offers Free Underwear: It seems like there’s no shortage of startup companies with novel ideas these days, and Japan is certainly part of that. A new website,, offers you a week’s worth of undies for free with small catch: the underwear has advertisements on them. The one upside is that you get to choose what kind of ads show up on your underoos. They might not be your garment of choice during a romantic encounter.



[twocol_one]Photos: Japan Throws Olympic Athletes a Heroes’ Parade: It seems like iconic, city-wide parades praising national heroes don’t really happen much anymore. Imagine my surprise then, when Japan held a parade for its Olympic athletes in Tokyo. It’s enough to warm even this old cynic’s heart.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Japanese Musician’s Million Dollar Violin Seized at German Customs: Due to a bit of a mix up at German customs, a million dollar violin was seized from Japanese musician Yuzuko Horigome while flying back from Japan. The bad news? German officials are asking for €380,000, or about $475,000. The good news? Some German customs official is going to have a bright future as a violinist. [via Japan Realtime, News On Japan]

Photo by Alice Carrier




    Crazy cosplayers, its like they live a dual life.

  • Tora.Silver

    In America, those underwear ads would be very effective.

  • EC1

    It’s enough to warm even this old cynic’s heart.

    Well, it was hatched up by mayor Ishihara to improve his chances of getting the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo. And you know he’s the least cynical guy in Japan, right?

  • Jacob Hansen

    if only that underwear was available here…

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    I can only assume that they henshin before logging on to their alternative Facebook account.

  • Mescale

    I have some concerns about this pants business, how are you going to get exposure for your ads? And just how many ads can you fit on a g-string anyway?

  • orangedude

    LOL! They would be, wouldn’t they! I see more boxers when I walk down the street than I ever should!

  • Hashi

    Augh, why does Ishihara have to turn everything he touches to crap?