The internet has been awesome for amateur artists everywhere. Now anybody anywhere can upload their painting, photographs, videos, or writing to the internet for the world to see.

Fortunately for everyone, that means a lot of less conventional artists get more exposure. There’s probably no better example of this than a Japanese artist I stumbled upon recently.

The artist, who goes by “Chooooosan” on Tumblr, does body painting. Not the kind of body painting meant for little kids (although, getting Spiderman facepaint is pretty awesome), but something much more surreal.

Chooooosan adds extra eyes to faces, eyes, arms, and wherever else she can. Facial features frequently move around when Chooooosan is around.

But she doesn’t stop there. Not content with moving around facial features, Chooooosan tacks on foreign objects to the body. A zipper running down an arm, a battery case — nothing is off-limits.

Lots of her art borders on disturbing. Seeing a five-eyed woman with an elongated mouth is off-putting, to say the least.

But no matter how disturbed you might be by her paintings, there’s no denying that she’s talented. Her work borders on photorealism and makes you look twice.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t post new creations too often. But you can check out her Tumblr for all of her work and any new updates.

Via Weird Asia News

  • ZXNova

    These are funny, wonder what else she can do.

  • ajuma mutea


  • Ryoji Otani

    there. are. no. words. to. explain. what. she. can. do.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    She IS Photoshop.

  • Heather Stewart

    someone’s been hanging out near the radiation a bit too long

  • simplyshiny

    I saw this on geekologie a couple days ago or something…what she does IS amazing, but it gives me the willies….

  • Wina Baeha

    She should be employed by the film industry… The talent will be very useful o_o

  • Whitetiger

    oh come on…really!!!!

  • Chado Bokusta

    本とにすごい. truly this is absolutely amazing. I love things like this so much, its like one photo for example, you share it, and really appreciate it, but most people just cant really understand what it is, or appreciate the genius. true genius’s are never truly appreciated in theyre own times. But I appreciate her genius now. thank you textfugu for posting this

  • Nicole Jones

    that’s creepy but so cool!!

  • kuyaChristian

    Awwyeah! I have a Tumblr and I’m gonna follow her!!

  • Deanthompson89

    What a talented artist!

  • Jon E.

    Incredible…really creepy, but incredible. I bet she gets lots of requests around Halloween haha.