Every Sunday we gather the week’s weird and interesting Japanese news and present it to you in our Sunday News column. It might not always be hard-hitting news, but we hope that it still informs and entertains you. Enjoy!


[threecol_two]Katy Perry Wants to Skin Japanese People and ‘Wear Them Like Versace’: Some people like Japanese culture, and that’s cool. Then there are people who take their love of Japan to a weird, kind of creepy level. Take for example, US pop star Katy Perry, whose love of Japan treads into Hannibal Lecter territory. It puts the lotion on the skin, or else it gets California Gurls again.[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]Japanese Politicians Seriously Consider Building a Gundam: If anime is becoming the blueprint for Japanese military policy, then what can we expect next? A spaceship named “Yamato?” A government program for “pocket monsters?” Only time will tell.

A Classic Japanese Chair, Remade For Big American Behinds: You might have seen the Japanese-designed “rabbit ears” chair, a brightly colorful and almost instantly-recognizable design. Well now, the classic design has been redone for the US market, making it wider, to accommodate fat American behinds. USA! USA![/threecol_one_last]


[threecol_one]Plane spotting takes off as latest fad among women: More and more Japanese women are fawning over airplanes becoming, for lack of a better phrase, plane otaku. These women spend their spare time photographing, learning about, and riding airplanes, once again proving that while plane spotting as been an overwhelming male-dominated hobby, women can be just as dweeby. [via Reddit]

Dog droppings get out of hand so city eyes tax:What do you do when dog droppings become a problem in your city? In Osaka’s case, you tax the shit out of it. After dozens of negligent dog owners have failed to scoop their dogs’ poops, the city of Osaka in considering a new tax to pay for the clean up. But Osaka’s new law raises a question: is it a tax, or is it a penalty? [via Reddit][/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]
Photo by donnaidh_sidhe

‘Anonymous’ hackers mistake Kasumigaura for Kasumigaseki: In response to recent Japanese anti-piracy legislation, the infamous online collective known as Anonymous has targeted various Japanese websites for attacks. Unfortunately, it turns out that Anonymous’ grasp on Japanese isn’t the best, and they hacked the wrong website, confusing 霞ヶ浦 vs 霞ヶ関 and issuing the statement: “We made a mistake. We’re sorry. Japanese is difficult.” It’s okay Anonymous, everybody makes mistakes. [via Reddit][/threecol_two_last]
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  • John

    I think this is my favorite Sunday News ever.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    I was wondering what they’d need giant robots for, but then I read the others and realized they need all the help they can get defending the country from Katey Perry “the Scary” and illiterate anons. And, of course, to help enforce that dog crap tax.

  • ヒカリノ

    I wondered why anonymous was trending in Japanese on twitter the other day, but wow guys what a mistake to make;;

  • Xsuna

    You know, you guys shouldn’t say that this news isn’t hard hitting. In pretty much every one of these there has been at least one piece of news (depending on reader’s view) which is pretty hard hitting.

    Oh, and that Gundam thing is just a publicity stunt. Everyone knows that Japan built them years ago. This is just a stunt to act like they’re new.

  • kitsuki

    i think the battleship yamato name is based on the actual battleship yamato which fought in japan’s last stand in ww2
    though that might not be true either

    no matter how much katy perry may love japanese culture, i can’t bring myself to like her ;
    and her statement doesnt bring me closer to it either
    lmao crazy..

    chairs.. well definitely americans are bigger in general compared to japanese but honestly..
    have you seen some of the girls walking around tokyo?? i can’t even comprehend how they can stay standing up let alone walking around!
    but anyway those are just the few that are on the extreme as well

  • a0145

    Any word on the protests happening in Japan?

  • ドリュー

    This is why when I say I like Japanese culture I get those looks. People like Katy Perry could use a good slapping. 

    But this Sunday News coupled with the new Evangelion 3.0 trailer make this the best Sunday I can remember in a long, long time. 

  • ZXNova

    Most odd, and funniest article titles ever. Seriously makin a Gundam now? Katy Perry a japanaholic? Japanese chairs made for fat American behinds? Just lulz.

  • Erick Reilly

    The problem with building Mobile Suits is the cost of building and maintaining just one. And those bunny chairs don’t look very comfortable to me.

  • Aya


  • Hashi

    You’re right, Spaceship Yamato comes from the WW2 battleship named Yamato.

  • BM

    KP creeps me out!

  • Matthew Olson

    Yes, but where are they going to get the Gundanium alloy???

  • pooper

    ugly poop

  • pooper

    i like butt