As of late it seems like there’ve been a lot more all-girl bands popping up in Japan. No, I’m not talking about the happy-go-lucky pop groups such as AKB48 and the like, I’m talking about the all-female hardcore metal bands.

Okay, well maybe they’re not that hardcore, but they’re at least a little hardcore (I promise). I’ve heard a handful of pretty decent bands from the genre lately and I’ve collected some of them here for you today. There’s not too much to say about each of them, so just scroll down, give them a listen, and (hopefully) enjoy.

Dazzle Vision

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Dazzle Vision is a four member hard rock band with hints of emo, pop, and heavy metal making for a pretty unique sound. They’ve been around since June of 2003 and have been on a handful of tours since then. They released their first album Origin of Dazzle in November of 2006, and their latest album, Shocking Loud Voice, was released on May 4, 2012.

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Okay, so Dazzle Vision isn’t an all-female group. You got me. But you have to admit that girl is pretty badass all on her own. Sometimes I think Dazzle Vision is pretty cool, but other times the music seems kind of sloppy or not really “in the groove.” I don’t really know how to explain it, but maybe you’ll know what I mean. It could also be due to the band going through so many lineup changes, perhaps the members just haven’t quite gotten used to each other yet. What do you think?


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And now onto the all-female groups as promised. Exist†trace is an all-female visual kei band. They started out in 2003 and received lots of attention for their harsh and dark sound in their earlier releases, but have since moved on towards a more melodic tone which is kind of too bad for hardcore metal fans, but oh well.

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Like I said, their songs range from relatively melodic (top video) to super duper harsh (bottom video), which is even too harsh for me I think. They certainly are capable of a wide range of sounds though. Which do you like best?


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Cyntia is relatively new to the music scene and I couldn’t find too much regarding the band other than this website here (which is in Japanese). Their sound is pretty good though and they’re arguably the cutest group out of the bunch, don’t you think? I’m looking forward to seeing their new stuff as it’s released.


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Aldious is another all female metal band. They started to form in 2008 and have been collecting members and releasing new songs ever since. That’s pretty much all you need to know about Aldious, really.

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I think Aldious is a pretty strong entry into the all female heavy rock band genre in Japan. They’ve got solid music and good vocals to go along with them. Not bad. Not bad at all…


And then of course there’s Baby Metal.

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So tell me, which one of these bands is your favorite? Know any other good Japanese heavy rock bands with all female members or at least a female front(wo)man? Share in the comments!

(Also, if you hate metal, I sincerely apologize. Better luck next week.)

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  • idssdfasd

    Is this serious? Maybe if she learns to get off of the hi-hat and snare I could appreciate her drumming a little more.

    But at any rate, how do we talk about female Japanese drummers, and not mention Yoshimi P-We? Awful.

  • gzwrnomnhzgnb4

    Gallows, GoDeath, Tsu Shi Ma Mire, Destrose, Ganglion, Scandal………
    If you are interested in seeing more Japanese all female or female fronted bands / artists

  • Shane Davis

    Some SCANDAL stuff could be classified as metal. Although they get pretty poppy (in a bad way) around Baby Action. Yuk. And by metal, I mean pop-metal. Luckily their latest single has turned back to the punk/metal thing they had going on when they formed.

  • Yuria Kenyo

    destrose is another all female metal band

  • matthiasahlswede

    Well best Metal Band from Japan? Hands down Sex Machineguns. They were my ideal band for long and eventhough their latest records were kind mediocre, have seen them in yokohama last year and they were a blast.

    I am really suprised how many all girl Bands there are coming up. For me the most prominent might have just been Galmet:
    Still feels like with every Band i find 3 new all female Rock / Metal Band. You can say about their heavyness all you want (and growing out of your teens you should really have grown out of the wanting to be the heaviest metal head complex) i still appreciate girls actually doing music other than singing pop music about high school or putting their silly suicide poems into song.

    And girls and metal in Japan: when i went to the concert a lot of girls (beautiful girls) went there in their D&G dresses, grabbed a canned beer, the band started and they went dipship insane. I actually was one of the few dudes inbetween 500 girls (and SMG make Slayer feel kinda lazy). For 2 hours all i saw was an ocean of wild black hair flying around. Then it was over, they fixed their hair and make up and left maybe for a techno club. It felt like Metal is for everyone, like people said in global metal, it’s not a lifestyle it’s a music that can be part of a wide array of tastes. That really impressed me…the lack of metalhead douchbeggerie.

  • Casandra

    Marty Friedman on guitar <3 This is really the only Momoiro Clover Z song that I like though.

  • Tanya Nguyen

    You missed doll$box. My favourite of song of their is Take my Chance. I have listened to Dazzle Vision, Aldious, and ExistTrace. Good list.