We’d like to take a break from our regular (extremely mature and handsome) posting schedule to bring you a video. This video not only rides the waves of the ancient “Sh*t ____ Say” meme (at least in meme years), but also contains humor that would be considered too immature for a six-year-old. That being said, we hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and here’s some pictures and back stories! So pretty!

Koichiffany knows she’s hawt. Look at that pretty mouth. She’s also an aspiring mangaka and the author of over nine thousand fanfics.

When Koichi isn’t lounging in his slanket reading some manga (it’s pronounced MAHNga, you uncultured swine!) he’s spending time with his cat, trying to teach her how to speak, just like in that one Ghibli movie he probably recommends you have to see (though, the manga version is way better).

Koichi has finally found true love, but he doesn’t know how to express it to the lucky girl. He stares for a while and wonders why she never stares back. A match made in heaven.

Koichi is working hard on his computer, trolling the people on various anime message boards who still use VLC to watch their anime. Seriously, VLC? C’mon.


And, if those pics weren’t enough, here’s a moving one. If this doesn’t make the rounds on Tumblr, we will be very disappointed in you.

Any character or part of the video your particular favorite? Anything just hit home a little too hard? Let us know so that we can eventually make a sequel. We have like… a hundred more lines we want to use.


  • kuyaChristian

    As for me owing you beer, I’m still underage. I’ll give you the money, though :]
    Thaanks thanks! 

  • Viet

    Ok. You owe me a.. how do you kids call it.. a soda pop?

  • amehrman

    Chinese food? I’m new to Japan but many people here in Tokyo seem to like Italian food. Pizza here is great.

  • Larry

    There appears to be a problem with the video in YouTube. After watching, it still appears on my list of subscribed videos waiting to be watched.

  • Christine

    Guess I am really initiated because when I watch anime, it’s always streaming online. Also, I never considered myself an otaku, but there are, slightly more valid, opinions that I hold about anime, manga or Japanese/Japan that resemble comments made in the video. LOL XD

  • ジャック (Jack)

     Thats not even funny X'(

  • koichi

    You probably just have to watch it three or four more times and then share it with as many people as you know… only way to solve this problem, I hear.

  • koichi

    hahaha – it took your comment to figure out what was going on. that’s cool—

  • デス子

     It won’t go away until you admit you have a problem. It’s OK, everyone here had to struggle with the realization that yellow subtitles aren’t really that great.

  • Madbeanman

    Forget America’s love of guns, the death penalty and predugice against abortion and gays (I know States have different laws geeeeeeeez) I think before changing all of that you need to campaign for the right to violently atack anyone who uses the phrase kawaii morning………………..ever…………………

  • Szilárd Csermely

    Uchuu Kyoudai spotted

  • Bernadetteleigh

    This…kind of made me ashamed of liking anime and manga. I know I’m lame, but whatever :P

  • Edward D. King

    HAHAHA the ending about renaming the video. Got me exactly 

  • Viet

    We have a weiner!

  • Harringui

    oooh my kami i’ve seen every example in real life D:

  • Glass Otaku

    Y’all talkin’ shit on VLC? :P hehehehe 

  • Argos

    I totally watch all my shows on VLC, heh.  Anyway, nice vid!  I especially liked the meta-joke at the end. 

  • Roku

    Had to pause it at “OH MY KAMI” until I was able to breathe again…lulz

  • Noannii

    Hahaha. Make more please! :D 

  • koichi

    Do kids call them soda pops???

  • koichi


  • koichi

    I have been spying on you, yes.

  • koichi


  • koichi

    the 四 for 4 for “for” is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • koichi


  • koichi

    heck yaz

  • koichi

    but… it was so kawaii that morning D:

  • koichi


  • koichi

    haha me too, and thanks!

  • koichi

    lol, yeah, i love that line.

  • koichi


  • Kage Kitsune

    “since this is the last episode, might as well watch it” haha best part XD

  • Matt Hampton

    Only part that really worked for me was just one more episode…  Goes on until I have to go to sleep or I finish a series.

  • Joseph O’dwyer

    funny ^^

  • Crystal

    Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Seeeeeeeeequeeeeeeeeeeellllllll!


  • JaJaJackson

    Yuck, you have the worst double chin ever.

  • grotesk_faery

    You forgot adding -desu to everything and adding honorifics to everyone’s name and/or changing it to a Japanese name or a Japanese pronunciation.

  • Guest

    I just facepalmed impossibly hard. I will name the bruise “Cody”.

  • Beth

    I told my boyfriend about this video and he said, “shidotakuse…what’s that?” Yeah he thought I was speaking Japanese….

  • auntie

    What’s going on in this post….?

    Oh Lawd…

  • Jcurse

    It really depends on the resolution you watch your animes, 720p is alright for vlc, but 1080p is way to much for vlc player, i use SMplayer which plays 1080p anime a lot more better

  • MikuFan1

    lololololololol!!!! this is hilarious. (i actually said some of those things before…0.0) you nailed down otakus pretty good.

  • MajicPowers

    Koichi, What anime is that you’re watching?

  • Zarameee

    The ‘Girugameshh’ at the end made my year XD

  • Tsuyuki Hitsugaya

    Oh, Koichiffany… what a silly girl. XD
    Awesome video! Really gave me a good laugh. Please continue to make more~