A member of TextFugu was kind of enough to share with me this very unique Japanese photoblog, and so now I’m sharing it with you. I introduce to you “Yowayowa Camera,” where yowayowa means “frail” and camera just means… camera. According to Natsumi Hayashi (author of this fine blog), she picked that name because SLRs are totally heavy and her arms are weak. She seems to be doing okay, though. Look at those buff biceps.


Although her photoblog has changed over time, the two main features are the “levitation” photos and the 3D photos. Both are really cool, and her regular photos (though you’ll have to go back in time for those) are nice too. Personally, I was captured by the levitation side of things.


The thing that mainly amazes me is how natural she makes the levitation look. It’s not photoshopped, and there aren’t really any tricks. According to her About Section, she sets the timer on her camera, uses intuition, and jumps right when she thinks the photo’s going to take (though sometimes she uses a friend for the button pushing for far-away shots). Obviously she’s had quite a bit of practice, but just imagine having to take the above picture over and over again in the middle of a train. Good thing Japanese train-riders will just ignore you, no matter what you’re doing.

Still though, the “levitation” is really natural. I can’t jump in the air and make it look like I belong up there. You’d just end up with a dumb picture of me jumping while making a stupid face…

It’s not just levitating she does, though – there’s also flying.

Seriously, though. How do you look so calm and relaxed while jumping like that?

When she’s not doing levitation photos, she’ll occasionally dabble in the third dimension as well. THREE dimensions, you ask? How is that possible with a photo? Actually, this technology has been around for a long time (and is even present in the oldest pictures of Japan). The hard part is the setup, though. You need two identical cameras that take pictures at the same exact time (so you need something that presses both picture-taking buttons at once). You put the two cameras next to each other (just like eyeballs) and then put the two pictures you’ve taken next to each other too.

In order to see the 3D, you have to cross your eyes until the two pictures come together as one. Then, relax, and enjoy the three dimensions. I think it really adds a lot to the photos in a quirky sort of way. Here, give the 3d a try for yourself – click on the pictures to get a bigger view:

In fact, these are all half levitation, half three dimensions. What more could you ask for in photography?

If you go through her blog, you’ll definitely find a lot of gems. I think she’s gotten better at levitating over time, so I hope she continues to post. Maybe one day she’ll discover that if you forget to fall you’ll just be able to fly all the time…

Vacuuming just got a whole lot easier

You can find Natsumi’s blog over at and her artsy page at She’s also on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Levitate on over to your favorite social network and give her a “hallo.”

  • Joey

    Amazing photos O_O I can’t even take jump shots right!

    I was trying so hard to see the 3D and suddenly it just popped… Now it’s really easy :D

  • Rafael Viana Ribeiro

    Photography just got a LOT cooler in my book.

    And I’d say she’s pretty close to forgetting to fall and thus learning to fly.

  • robersora

    Well, very nice photos indeed. But unfortunately her site hasn’t been updated since almost a year…

  • larisa

    Hey, I’m that Textfugu member! Thanks for the post ^^

  • Resist_The_Lies

    Magic Eye pictures! XD

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the 3D shots are amazing! And it’s so simple.

    I follow her blog but have not seen the 3D ones before. Where did you find them, Koichi?
    @020303863d4558eb7d1ec765b264ee9f:disqus The post dates are quite misleading, they are actually the date of the levitation rather than the date posted. She’s still active. The most recent one was posted last week.

  • Knickygill

    WOW! That’s amazing! I wonder if she has ever fallen down and scraped a knee or twisted an ankle?…I can’t imagine jumping off a train like that without tripping!

  • kuyachristian

    I can’t cross my eyes -____________-
    I’ve StumbledUpon on her blog a few months ago. Definitely impressed.
    Thanks for posting this, K!

  • Antisthenes

    Nice ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ reference: “if you forget to fall you’ll just be able to fly all the time…”

    Clever work, and it doesn’t hurt she’s easy on the eyes.

  • Rachel

    Koichi’s definitely a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide–it says in his description box that he’s ”
    A cool frood who knows where his towel’s at.” , which equals “Awesome” in my book. :)

  • Martha

    The 3D pictures look awesome! 

  • koichi

    I think the dates are wrong – all the social networks she’s on has the last photo set at a few days ago, and if you go into the rss view, you can see the timestamp as not the ones written… I think there’s just something wrong with the dates she wrote in there… at least that’s what I’m assuming. I thought she wasn’t updating much too, then I started thinking otherwise…

  • koichi

    yayy! thank you! I’m glad you shared!

  • koichi

    ooh, that explains it! I knew those weren’t the right post dates, but didn’t know they were levitation dates. Thank you!

  • koichi

    yo ho ho

  • koichi

    I saw that she mentioned the 3d ones in the about section (or somewhere), so did a search in google for:

    “ 3d”

    Just do that without quotes, and Google will search for mentions of “3d” within the website – useful way to find things in websites that don’t have a search function (or a really bad one)!

  • koichi


  • koichi

    I’m just this guy, you know?

  • koichi

    yeah! I’m wondering if she has some ballet / dancing background… normal people don’t jump like that…

  • koichi

    hahaha, so nostalgic!

  • koichi

    I hope your new found skill of looking at 3d images helps you much in daily life.

  • x_stei

    So cool! Very nice. Thanks the introduction to a very nice artist/photographer~

  • zoomingjapan

    Oh wow!
    That’s definitely different from the usual “jump photos”!
    Thanks for sharing such an interesting photoblog! :)

  • (^U^) Roren

    How come they’re not blurry? The jumping/flying is super impressive. My favourite if her leap of faith from the train and the vacuum one – that makes domestic chores way cool!! (^U^)

  • Anonymous

    lol!! didn’t even know i could do the 3D thing… was tough at first but now its like i have three eyes….

  • robersora

    Thank you!
    I wouldn’t visit her site anymore, if you hadn’t told me that! I’m glad, that she  still levitates through live; she’s awesome in it!

  • Anthony Lee

    Wierd. I had a dream I was levitating earlier and the next post that I read on this blog  turns out to be something similar.

  • Kiriain
  • Malcolm

    Check out photographer Phillippe Halsman (on facebook)  and his portraiture from the 50’s and 60’s

  • Lisa

    She floats in just the way that bricks don’t.