Yo ガリレオガリレイ, Imma let you finish, but Galileo Galilei was the best scientist of all time.

I stumbled upon Galileo Galilei (ガリレオガリレイ) earlier this week while watching Mobile Suit Gundam AGE because they do the opening song for the anime, Ashita e (朝へ). I instantly fell in love, looked them up on YouTube, fell even more in love, and decided that it would be a great disservice to the Tofugu community if I didn’t share. So please, take a listen and experience all the wonderful tunes Galileo Galilei has to offer.

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Imagine the bands The Pillows and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Now imagine them smashed together in the most fantastic of ways. Chances are you’d end up with something very similar to Galileo Galilei. The band has also been described as being similar to the bands BUMP OF CHICKEN and RADWIMPS. (I actually forgot how good RADWIMPS is – I’ll have to check out more of their stuff again.) The members of Galileo Galilei are also surprisingly young with their senior member being just 20 years old.

Is that not the trolliest troll face you’ve ever seen?

The band started out as Kankou Riot and was composed of Ozaki Yuuki (vocals/lead guitar), his brother Ozaki Kazuki (drums), Sako Hitoshi (bass) and some other dude on guitar (Funaya Sohei). They formed their band in 2008 and won a fancy competition netting a chance to really make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, that other guitar dude from before chose not to (like a fool) and the group was disbanded. Never a fun experience in the music world.

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This is one of my favorite songs by them, I think.

The remaining members then began the search for a new guitar player. Soon they met with Iwai Fumito, the former lead vocalist and guitar player from the band Guild. They became quick friends and a new musical sensation was born. Since then their music has been featured in various anime and commercials. For example, their music was featured in this CM for LISMO, an online music service provided by au, a Japanese mobile phone brand run by KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications company.

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They’re surprisingly good live, too.

The name Galileo Galilei was chosen blindly from a tissue box. Each member put two entries into said tissue box and Sako’s name of Galileo Galilei ended up being drawn. Sako said he chose this name because he thought it would be cool for their band to be named after some famous dude from history. Unfortunately his choice also makes it really annoying to look up their material online. Fortunately I’ve found most of the cool stuff for you.

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It’s just, so… pretty!

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So why don’t you share some of your favorite Japanese bands with us in the comments below? Let’s all discover new music together!

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  • Pineapplebunny

    love them :) his voice is so nice

  • Zeldaskitten

    Thanks for this article!  I love finding new Japanese bands to listen to.  It’s hard to find bands like this one.  I love the Pillows, Onsoku Line, Bump of Chicken and a few more..  Now I can add this to my tiny list of J bands I love.  :)

  • Jasdev

    Thanks for this :)

  • heavenlyhearts

    yes~! good taste in music! one of my fav. bands~ !B

  • t0asterb0t

    Nice, I love these guys! The first time I heard them was the OP for あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない 

  • Inma Condeco

    Really like this band :) I’m glad they have a post in Tofugu ^^

    P.S: I also know them from AnoHana~

  • Mousefire

    This band is quite nice. I’ll probably attempt to sort through all the history cartoons about Galileo to listen to their stuff. 

    I gotta recommend a band called Jam Project. They’re the most passionate band I’ve ever listened to.

  • John

    Hahaha, epic. Also this song sounds very familiar. Is it from something?

  • John

    Was AnoHana good?

  • Mousefire

    It’s a redoing of the theme of the game Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. Here’s the original version if it sounds any more familiar:

  • John

    Hmm.. I remember reading about that game but I never actually played it. Maybe I just heard a small bit of it at random somewhere, haha. Thanks for the link.

  • Eri

    I love this band. Every since I heard 夏空, which was the opening to the second season of Oofuri. They almost sound like GReeeeN or Bump of Chicken.

  • Hatt0ri

    Oh, so cute!

  • Dcpearljam1

    Tokyo Jihen, Flip, Go!Go!7188, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Supercar…..all great bands in my opinion.

  • Turtle16

    I love htis band!!! I found them a while ago myself and cuz i loved aoi shiori, i watched the anime あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない and to this day its the only anime i have ever enjoyed watching. but anyway this band is awesome :)

  • Mediaright

    I like ELLEGARDEN, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Bump of Chicken, nothing’s carved in stone, STRAIGHTENER, The Hiatus, knotlamp, Abington Boys School, BEAT CRUSADERS, BOOM BOOM SATALLITES, and 9mm Parabellum Bullet. There, that should keep you for a while.

  • Tea

    Wow, how have I not heard of these guys before?! Instant love, haha. I especially like the lead singer’s voice. It’s so…not soft, but just…I dunno, pleasant. I like those sort of vocals with rock.

    However, my fav is and will probably always be Sakanaction, haha. I have yet to come across anything quite like them. I will promote them to hell and back.

    Apart from that, I love RADWIMPS, Fujifabric, Andymori, Androp…I love Ohashi Trio and Shugo Tokumaru, but I don’t think they count as bands.

  • Sharkbreath

    Does Deerhoof count? The singer is Japanese and wildly awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    Aoi Shiori has the most play in my iTunes, these guys are one of my favorite J-Pop artists!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol me too!!!!

  • Brian

    AnoHana was amazing. One of the best anime in a long while by my books. Unfortunately (personal opinion) they kinda botched the ending. :/

  • amaya2megumi

    thanks for sharing!! fav jap bands of all time goes to Flumpool , Superfly & Girl Next Door … seems like the only way i know j-rock i through j-dramas ;p.

  • John

    Cool – I’ll have to check it out, thanks.

  • chocorock

    sorry, but i’m kinda ‘meh’ about Galileo Galilei 
    the link to radwimps’ mv was the first song i’ve heard, lol. try , i cried a little when i listened.

  • ( ゚д゚)

    HTML boss tag? Does that mean those bands are totally boss?

  • John


  • John

    Yeah I’ve listened to them before. They’re good, just not really my kind of music unfortunately.

  • John

    Awesome I’ll have to check them out.

  • John

    I love me some BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.

  • John

    I will have to check out this anime.

  • John

    No need to apologize – not every band can appeal to everyone!

  • Mark Weber

    Thanks for saying, just watched ½ the series, and I must say that is is pretty solid.

  • Anonymous

    The second song is from the anime “Ano hi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi ha mada shiranai”, right? I loved that anime and that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^!

  • ざっちー

    I’ve been listening to Galileo Galilei for a year or two now. They’re pretty sweet. At first I didn’t like their slightly different, new sound when they changed labels/got signed, but I grew accustomed.

    Also some similar Japanese bands to check out: 
    あじさいタウン- They’re still independent I believe. The whole band is based around a web comic about themselves. 
    Web comic:

    世界の終わり- Just two dudes, a girl, and a clown. Probably my current favorite band. They add some subtle electronic mix to there stuff. Some of their songs get pretty epic sounding (for example, 世界平和). I definitely recommend giving them a shot.
    Official site:
    Youtube vid:

  • amaya2megumi

    sorry bout that… bad habit ;p… Flumpool [ED Bloody Monday 1&2], Superfly [OP+ED BOSS 1&2], The Brilliant Green [ED Tantei Gakuen] & Girl Next Door [ED Untouchables] ar my fav jap bands of all time, all frm jdramas ;p… and yes, they are TOTALLY BOSS ;p 

  • John

    Awesome, thanks – I’ll check ’em out.

  • ses

    I also recommend あの花 ! Also if this is the only anime you have ever enjoyed you haven’t watched much ^^

  • paper-radio

    oh my, I love this! o-o 

  • John

    YouTube keeps taking my linked videos down xD

  • Saya09

    Natsuzora was my first Galileo Galilei song.  RAD’s Kyoushinshou is chilling.  Noda can speak English, rap and even play the piano during their concerts. 

    Try NICO Touches the Walls who sang for FMA Brotherhood, Naruto (2x) and “C”.. however, their epic songs aren’t anime osts. Fuujin, THE BUNGY, Avocado, Yoru no Hate, Big Foot, N Kyoku to N Kyoku, image training to name a few. I have to admit, “Diver”, 2nd song for Naruto, is pretty awesome. And they’re really amazing live.. followed them across Japan during their last tour.

    There’s also ONE OK ROCK..their recent one would be
    Their releases never disappoint… and their vocalist’s voice has great range, from heavy rock to ballad to pop even “hip hop”?  errr.. even Johnny’s type of music. XDD

    I’m glad for once someone is posting jrock… not v-kei, which is almost always referred to as jrock.

  • John

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing all this.

  • Rmbloungeact

    I really like the band ステレオポニー (Stereopony), they are an all girl band and extremely talented. The singer has an amazing voice and she plays the guitar really well.

  • John

    I checked out 世界の終わり and I really like their stuff – thanks a ton for sharing.

  • Matias Lastra

    a shame that almost all of the songs are unavailable

  • Julia

    they aren’t bad! :)
    check this band out! they’re my fav!!!!

  • John

    The videos I embed keep getting pulled from YouTube D: This is like the third time I’ve swapped out the ones on this post, lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you wrote a article about an artist I sort of know. The only song I know by them is natsuzora. It’s a great song! <3.

    Thanks for the article, it was a very nice read =).

  • Martha

    Aoi Shiori <3 
    So glad I found this band… I love them 

  • Christian Vidal

    Good band… I’ve discovered them watching a Japanese ranking with a friend like a year ago.

  • Bleh

    ugh there is no video

  • Audri

    Have you listened to their song Aoi Shiori from the anime Ano Hana?? It fit the anime perfectly, and just hearing it now gets me teared up. Greatly recommend the song and anime!