Irrational Want of the Day? Who am I kidding? I haven’t posted in ages! It sounded catchy, though. Anyway, what you’re really here for the newest utterly random, totally cool microclimate-controlling gadget from Japan, right? Step right this way….

Now, if you’re fanatical about familiar with Cup Noodles and their consumption, chances are you’ve come to anticipate, perhaps even fondly, that burst of MSG-laden steam that greets you as you remove your Cupmen and open the lid, having waited for what seems like forever the requisite three minutes for your noodles to cook. And maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “This is nice. Scratch that, this is GREAT!” Maybe you wish that first muggy moment would never end—and if you do, who’s to judge? Not the guy that came up with the idea for Cup Shitsuki (カップ湿器 or Cup Humidifier), that’s for sure.

The Cup Shitsuki is much like any other Cup Noodle variety, minus the noodles.

And the toppings. And the soup.

To use the Cup Shitsuki, all you need to do is fill it with water and turn it on. After a few moments, the cup will, using microvibrations rather than heat—eliminating the risk of you accidentally scalding yourself trying to to take a sip of what looks like a very inviting cup of instant ramen sitting on your desk—begin to emit a steady stream of fine mist, making the air in workspace/bedroom/basement instantly more comfortable.

The Cup Shitsuki comes complete with a UV Germicidal Light (紫外線殺菌灯 or I’m-not-even-going-to-pretend-to-be-able-to-pronounce-that-kanji) to prevent bacteria from growing in the humidifier, since every Cup Noodle enthusiast’s top priority is health, right?

All kidding aside, this is a pretty nifty idea, you have to admit. Plus, it’s (optionally) USB-powered! I love crazy USB gadgets. At 5,980 円 (approximately $72 USD), though, all that niftiness doesn’t come cheap. Would any of you be willing to shell out the cash?

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This post was written by Erin, surprisingly enough.

Source: JTT Online Shop and Gigazine

  • Anonymous

    lulz, definitely my first choice for all my humidifier needs

  • Lauren O’Hare

    Woah~~ that is soo cool~~

  • Maikeru

    Do want.

  • VXLbeast

    Just about the last thing I thought it was going to be.

  • Nathan Barnes


  • Samantha Mercado-Saballos

    I only caught on about half way through the article…>_>

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just hope coworkers that are too lazy to read labels don’t decide to swipe that, thinking it was your lunch XD Cute idea for a humidifier, though :D

  • Tmonkey0926

    Sound kool. Looks kool. But idk about having water right next to my comp. . .I’m accident prone >.<

  • Meeeeelly

    Haha! That’s a pretty neat gadget!

    And it’s nice to see a post from Erin again! :D

  • clc88

    you might want to consider purchasing one of these, as it allows you to eat 2minute noodles in flight

  • artista.oscura

    :0 Wow, my mind has been blown.

    I want one!!!!!!

  • Christian Padron

    Welcome back Erin! After not writing for almost two years :D

  • Meredith

    Adorable! But I still haven’t gotten my hands on a Cupman, so I definitely can’t afford this. (Tried to win one in a UFO machine, failed miserably…)

    Also, you can already eat instant noodles in flight if you fly United. They had a nice little service where they came around with the cups, and then came around with kettles of boiling water.

  • yonasu

    Oddly enough, humidifiers pretty much don’t exist here, and I live in Sweden, they should be popular here… I don’t have one either, but I think I might get one, and this one seems to be perfect for my desk :)

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  • Kokoro

    Well, so if i buy this ii got noddle plus a water heater usb powered? this geting strange, i mean, you want a noddle or want an steam? you can buy them sparately…

  • Madame Otaku

    and here i thought the banana vending machine thing was the most awesome idea ever…!

  • Anonymous

    I know how to read this: 紫外線殺菌灯 :)

    しがいせん・さっきん・ひ (Shigaisen-sakkin-hi)

    紫外線=Ultra-violet rays