Perhaps it’s climate change. Perhaps it was the particularly hot summer and the lack of acorns. Perhaps it’s because of habitat loss… who knows. All I know is Japanese bear attacks have hit a sharp rise, and that’s no good.

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Between April and September, 80 people were hurt and four people got killed by bears. On top of that, they’ve had to shoot a lot more bears, because they’re coming into towns, cities, and so on. I’m guessing most of the bears are up in the northern island of Hokkaido (they’re known for bears), but this is still a bit scary for someone like me who has an irrational fear of bears and will be traveling all over Japan next month for TofuguTV.

Watch the video if you want to learn less than you just learned. Basically, I’m just worried about bears. Besides the technique provided in the video, how do you defend yourself against bears? Any tips? Remember, Japanese bears are smaller, several times more efficient, and possibly wearing mech suits. Totally changes everything.


  • Joe Munro

    Grow a large beard and be prepared to fight like a real man. Also, make sure to bring some sort of EMP grenade to disable their mech suits. Otherwise it’s not really a fair fight.

  • Samantha Mercado-Saballos

    If you encounter one just give it a pot of honey…works for Winnie the Pooh :)

  • VXLbeast

    You will not survive make your time.

  • nick

    someone set up us the bear

  • Narkian

    Lawl You most make a strong bear Roar and prepare for gaint Bear hugs O_o what kinda bears are even in Japan?

  • Japanalana

    A bear hung itself climbing a telephone pole looking for food. See the article and picture here (in Japanese)

    Maybe this doesn’t abate your fears….

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  • Ken Toshirou

    Hokkaido is the very first place I’ll visit when I go to Japan…
    Hopefully sometime next year I heard March was a good time to visit Hokkaido?
    Now there are more bears running around, that just raised the awesomeness level up!!
    Koichi, I hope you will have lots of places in Hokkaido “area” put up on the list to vote

    PS: I would also like to know how to vote with Twitter, lol

  • Ouzzy91

    ROFLAO! Mech Suits?

  • Sarah Horton

    I bought some “Bear Repelent” about a year ago when i went camping. You should totally try to find some in Japan (i doubt they’d let you through the airport with it). It’s basiclly a Huge can of pepper spray that weighs about 1 pound and shoots up to 25 ft away. When i got mine it even came with a cute little holster so you can carry it on your belt! How convenient! :D

  • koichi

    For Twitter, you just have to wait until I tweet up a poll :)

    I don’t know if I’ll make it to Hokkaido this trip because i’m planning on going back there in February for the Snow Festival (you should try to go then too, that’s like the ultimate Hokkaido thing of the year!). Very, very cold, though.

    Summer time is nice up there too, I think, if you want to avoid lots of snow. If you love snow, winter. I bet there’s still snow in March, too, though I really don’t know for sure

  • koichi

    dang, that sounds heavy. I’m trying to keep everything under 20 pounds, I think. I might go with the bell thing people are suggesting, if I do make it into bear territory.

  • Sarah Horton

    just another tip! :) i’ve always heard to just drop to the ground and pretend you’re dead if you encounter an angry bear..staring a bear in the eye is what NOT to do. thats a sign of aggression and dominance. i’m not a bear/survival expert but i would be submisive as possible when dealing with bears. Good Luck!

  • Ken Toshirou

    Awww too bad >: I’m still gonna try go get u somewhere wild or adventurous! Not that I know any >_>
    Thank you for the advice! Snow is great! Snowboarding is like my 2nd hobby besides learning Japanese!

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming video! Could you also talk about how much money, not exactly tho, would u need to go to a trip like this, besides the airplane ticket :3? I was in Thailand last year and I had not bring enough money to travel around lol that was quite a shame >:

    & waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~ I really appreciate ur reply xD

  • Javi

    Bring a bunch of vocaloid songs. It soothes the beast.

  • Jonadab

    For the most part, bears are not particularly dangerous to humans (unless you provoke and anger them somehow). They will not, for example, target you as prey. Leave them alone, and they’ll generally leave you alone.

    They will target your picnic lunch as prey, though, and their sense of smell is quite good (better than a dog, I think), so keep your food in a sealed smell-proof container, and don’t sleep in a tent _with_ your food: if you’re camping out, store the food separately from yourself, just in case. That way if the bear starts ripping open your cooler full of snacks, it’s less likely to terrify the everliving stuffings out of you in the process.

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