(Be sure to stick around to the end, where you can win some goodies from FlutterScape) In the past, I’ve written about a few ways you can buy things from Japan. Most of them have been so-so at best. Finally (seriously, it’s about time), someone’s come up with something that works pretty darn well (I’ll tell you about my experience in a bit), and that something is FlutterScape.

FlutterScape seems a little complicated at first, but really it’s quite simple. There are people in Japan going around to various stores taking pictures of things they want to sell. They don’t buy these things from the store until you buy them. Once you buy the item, they go to the store, get the item, and send it to FluttersScape HQ in Japan. Once FlutterScape gets it they forward the money along (or will send it back to you if the person never gets the item for you) and will send the item to you. Seems complicated, but all you really need to know is that you can safely buy something without much worry about getting screwed over very very easily.

What Can I Buy?

Between the time that FlutterScape just started (I was poking around back then too) and now, FlutterScape has really stepped things up in terms of items available. You’re still not going to be able to go to the site and find anything and everything you want (that’s what the request feature is for, keep reading), but you’ll definitely find a lot of interesting and wonky items to keep you interested for a while. Personally, I’m really into the weird crazy stuff (even though I’ve tried to go a bit more minimalist), and always feel tempted every time I visit the site, which is more and more recently. I’m not much of a shopper but it’s hard to help myself.

There are a bunch of categories you can search through, as well as an actual search function, so if they have what you want then you should be able to find it… but what if they don’t??

Requesting An Item From Japan

Over the last few months, whenever somebody asked me where they could be “Item A” or “Item B,” I’d forward them along to the FlutterScape CEO who would help find the item. I’m guessing he got tired of this and decided to create a request feature (genius!) so that no matter what it is you want from Japan, you can find it.

The part that stands out to me isn’t the text areas, it’s everything else. Let’s go through the request features – I get a little giddy just looking at them.

Is This An Auction? This is if you wanted to buy something off, say, Yahoo Auctions Japan. Ho-Lee-Crapola. You can put your max bid, the URL to the auction, etc, and someone will bid for you based off your criteria. Then, if they win it they’ll send it to you like a regular FlutterScape item. Wow.

Pictures: Perhaps you don’t know what the item is called, and only have a picture. Fear not, you can upload a bunch of photos and someone will try to find it for you. It’s more likely that someone in Japan knows what the Japanese product is, so pictures are the perfect way to go.

YouTube Video URL: There’s a good chance that a lot of cool Japanese items are discovered via YouTube, so if that’s how you did it, then you can share a video of it as well.

Wow, every base I can think of is covered, here. It’s nice and simple, but they did a really good job with the request feature.

Does FlutterScape Work?

A couple of months ago I was introduced to FlutterScape, and decided that I needed to get some Rummy (chocolate with rum raisin inside). I got 20 packs of the stuff, ordered it, and approximately a week later I had a box of Rummy in my mailbox. Mmm, and they were (and are) tasty too. I can’t say what experience other people have had, but things worked out well for me and I imagine it’ll work out well for you too. Try things out on something small, and see how you like it. I think I’ll be using FlutterScape to buy many fun Christmas Presents this year (no Rummy for the younger cousins, though).

Win One Of Three Cupmen!

I have three Cupmen to give away. If you’re the cup noodle eating type, you’ll know that you have to put something on top of your Cup Noodle to keep the lid down while you wait for the hot water to cook and soften the noodles. I usually use my wallet. Now, though, you can use these little “Cupmen” who hang over the top.

Here’s the product description:

“After pouring hot water over your instant noodles, get a helping hand from the hardworking Cupmen. Watch as it turns different colors while desperately trying to prevent the lid from flicking back up. Enjoy a few minutes of fun with Cupmen until your noodles are ready to eat.”

Aww, if that doesn’t win your heart over, I don’t know what will. Here’s more information on Cupmen.

Winning one of these three Cupmen is very simple. You don’t even have to leave the page! In the comments, tell me why you need this product oh-so-bad. Feel free to go into a (fictional or non-fictional) account on how painful it is to make ramen using your shoes, or something like that. I’m going to pick my 6 favorites, and then three will randomly be picked from there. So, although there is some luck involved, quality comments are going to be key to get into that top 6! You have (approximately) a week to get your comment in!

Oh, and if you tweet about the contest, you won’t have higher chance of winning, but you will get some brownie points, you brown-noser you.

Great, so there you go! Win yourself a Cupmen so you can have the full Cup Noodle experience. Speaking of which, I bet FlutterScape has some noodles to go along with it in their Japanese Snacks section.

Oh, and if you have a lot of extra time, you should check out the short film “Mr. Cupmen” by fake French Video artist Jacques Koichi.

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  • Leisslie

    My father told me once, when I was a freshman in High School that when he was going through College he had to live off ramen and tuna for the longest time because of his budget!

    I'm a senior now soon to be graduating and it's about time for me to go off on my College Adventure. As part of my senior celebration we had a party and my Dad gave me a mountain of ramen (there's gotta be over a hundred @_@~!) I desperately need one of these hardworking Cupmen to keep my lid down for the next couple of years when I too will carry on the legacy of Ramen and Tuna.

    May the Force be With You.

  • koichi


  • EdwinB

    You should also mention White Rabbit Express!

    I'm a user interface designer in the UK and I often order gaming software and hardware from Japan. I've used White Rabbit Express for as long as I can remember. I looked at several shopping and shipping services, most were too expensive and the ones I tried were either not as organized or really slow to ship, sometimes taking weeks. I deal with everyone at White Rabbit on a first name basis and they're really helpful, their staff are a mix of Japanese and Westerners. Their service is very fairly priced, goods are immaculately packaged and I just have no reason to go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

  • Lena

    I'm about to go to Japan for a year, and every exchange student worth their salt knows that cup noodles are the staple food and only way of surviving without breaking a budget. Without Cupmen watching my instant noodles, I'll be doomed to spending hours holding down the little lids myself ;( Please save me, Koichi!

  • HaeYeong

    I believe a cupman will complete my life. He's just the most dependable man to help you out when preparing food and a great listener. Who wouldn't want such a thing? But alas I am stuck with a regular human man who will just doesn't care for the cup noodle or the preparation of it. Cook real food he says, what does he know anyway?

    Now chopsticks on the lid works just fine, yes, but then they get over heated and you'll have to wait even longer for them to be ready. By then your noodles would swelled to epic proportions and it's just not good anymore.

    So please do me a favor and bestow this great inventions upon me so my struggles will finally end.

  • Yuriy Thebest

    I need a cupman for I need a cupman. One night in deep suburbia, during the rainy season I was sitting in my saturnalia-ridden apartment contemplating my next delicious noodle feast. Alas it was not to be, for the great King of Zimbabwe opened the door – He was a strong, yet gaunt looking individual, one who had been through many battles, testament to which are the numerous scars on his strong, experienced face. He kicked me right in the groin and stole my noodles. I need a cupman for I need a cupman.

  • negukei

    If I had le cupman, I would be able to warm up my cup o'ramen without worrying. You see, I usually hold the lid closed using my teakettle's nozzle. The nozzle itself is in the shape of “tweeting bird.” Rather hott when…hott, so anything other than that would be a godsend. So…I pretty much need a cupman.

  • negukei

    If I had le cupman, I would be able to warm up my cup o'ramen without worrying. You see, I usually hold the lid closed using my teakettle's nozzle. The nozzle itself is in the shape of “tweeting bird.” Rather hott when…hott, so anything other than that would be a godsend. So…I pretty much need a cupman.

  • Kevin

    Like any post secondary student, I have struggles with school. Tuition, rent, gas and don't forget money. You have no clue how much I am drowing in student loans. Food requires money; something I do not have a lot of. I eat cup noodle not because I am cheap, but because I do not have money. You must understand when I say I could use a guy hanging over my cup noodles to protect my noodly source of sodium. Cupmen will not only close the lid and provide 'behind' amusement (if you get what I mean) but allow me to eat my noodles in perfection.

  • Sarah

    Because I wanted to go to an expensive art school, my current art teacher recommended in order to save money I would either have to live PB&J sandwiches or ramen. Since I don't really care for PB&J, cause it's sticky and gross, I'll eat Ramen. In art school I'll continue perfecting my skill in drawing and animation, hopefully to finally be able to point out my name in the film credits with my Ramen in hand!

  • Brittni

    I need a cupmen because well…who doesn't?
    Cupmen are boss.

  • Sjem1993

    Since i am college i have survived on cup noodles but sadly only on sort of soggy-ish hard noodles and this is the perfect item to turn my life around and help me pass all of my classes and become the next world greatest brain surgeon, and when you get a tumor i will be glad to operate on you for free.
    TOFUGU :)

  • Jamie Beaudry

    Well, when I eat noodles I usually use a spoon to cover it, right? to keep them warm. :) But my family has this odd way of losing spoons… a couple of them disappear everyday, until we have none left! We then have to buy plastic spoons (because we are cheap folk), but these spoons are not heavy enough to cover my noodles! :( I don't want to have to suffer eating my noodles cold! (shudders). So you see, having a Cupmen would really save my life! ^_^


  • kristelecom

    I don't know how I can live without a cupmen. I have horrible judgement, and periodically check on my cup ramen while it's innocently cooking away. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER IT TAKES WHEN YOU KEEP OPENING THE LID EVERY FEW SECONDS, LETTING PRECIOUS HEAT ESCAPE?

    Who knows? I might even end up eating them raw one day… and die. Or I could just stick a fork upright in the side and set some kind of timer, but that's not as cool looking.

  • Superrad

    Dear Koichi,
    Three years ago today a group of ninjas broke into my house. They kicked down the unlocked door (which I think was rude and pretty unnecessary, but you try arguing with a ninja) and they pulled me up and spoke to me in rapid Japanese. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but then the beep of my microwave interrupted our apparent conflict. My instant noodles had finished, but before I could tell them that they swooped over and took them. They even took my dry ones that I hide in various places around the house so that others won't eat them. Every single noodle lost that day weighs upon my shoulders and pockets every day. My empty stomach ensures that I will never forget this tragedy. Now I have developed an acute ninja-phobia, which can only be calmed by one of two things: Godzilla (But he seems preoccupied with his own life and starring in sad haikus) and the assurance that my cup noodles are safe. When I head off next year to be a starving college student I will require my noodles to live, and I believe these enterprising cupmen will help me. I mean, have you ever seen a more imposing figure? These protectors of cups with magical colour-changing arms don't just have the power to change their hue, but my life as well.

  • Nellybelly

    I swear, every time i try to make cup of noodles, the lid always flies open and i spill lots of the juice in my lap. makes my day 10X worse when i can't drink that amazing noodle juice! :(
    save me from hot water on my lap every-other day of my life!

  • courto875

    Why I NEED the cupmen… Hmmm… I do eat cup ramen and udon quite often so he would be a very helpful and seems more efficient than placing my chopsticks on top, but the real reason why I need him? Because you're advertising it and giving it away to your fans! :3 It would be a great story to tell all of my friends. I'm sure they'd be super jealous.

  • Momo

    My mom comes home late from work almost everday, and since she's pretty much half-asleep and starving, the only thing she has time to make and eat is, you gussed it, cup noodles. However, sometimes she forgets that her cup noodle is “cooking” and just falls asleep waiting for the noodles to be ready. She wakes up next morning to find her noodles soggy and just plain old GROSS. What does she do? Throw it away? Nope, she makes me or my brother eat it, since wasting food is bad.

    If she gets a Cupmen (though, I guess it's actually a CupMAN), she'll finally be able to remember that there's a cup of noodles soaking up boiling hot water in front of her, and my brother and I won't have to eat the horror that is soggy and gross cup noodles ever again.

    Hopefully :/

  • kyoo

    Like every other teen guy, I'm driven by three things: my dreams, my hunger, and my girlfriend. In this case I'm driven by my girlfriend and my hunger for ramen. Whenever I buy cup ramen from the cafeteria, she makes an “ew-gross” face and tells me that I should quit eating ramen so I can loose all my acne and pimples (but she's joking). Since her birthday's coming up, I want to place a few stacks of ramen in her car's trunk as a joke, and the reason why I want the Cupmen is to make my girlfriend happy — she likes cute things. I think it'd be hilarious for her to find so much ramen and a little plastic man to top it off.

  • Katie

    Tofugu, I desperately need help from the Cupmen. I'm a Sophomore in college, soon to be a Junior. I have no job, and all of my funding for school comes from the government. In short, I am literally a poor college student. So, naturally, I live off ramen. Unfortunately, my residence hall does not allow microwaves in the rooms, so I have to travel up a flight of stairs to the lonely, cold, and creepy laundry room where the sock-eating monster lives. My friends are all busy when I get the cravings for munchies, so I have to go alone. The room, quite frankly, scares me. I have to wait a little bit to heat up the water, and it's scary up there alone. With one of the Cupmen with me, I'll be able to go up there without a fear. He'll be my knight in plastic armor and defend me from the sock-eating monster.

    But that's not my only problem. When the ramen is done, I have to wait for it to cool. This wouldn't normally be a problem, except for my friends. Now, don't get me wrong, I love them to death. But when a very sparkly drag queen comes into the room, you get distracted from your mission. My mission is typically watching to make sure my noodles don't over-boil in their sauna. But my drag queen friend seems insistent on keeping me from letting my noodles reach perfection! He walks in and seduces my attention span with his sparkles, and before I know it my noodles are over soggy and cold, and they don't taste good at all! I need a Cupmen because their calm, solid, non-sparkly colors will attract me more than the sparkles ever would. They would let me keep my attention on the noodles and eat them when they're just perfect.

  • Jimbim121

    When I make my Cup Ramen I use my eating utensil to hold down my lid… Oh the agony of using a fork to hold my lid down. the ramen don't soften enough and the flavor dosen't mix well! :( I heard somewhere that everyrime someone gives a cupmen a job, an angel gets it's wings! Ether that or a Manga maker somewhere gets an inspiration for a big hit comic! Either way that's pretty dang cool! I promise if I win said cupmen I will give it work all the time! Therefore, hundreds of angel will get wings and hit manga with flourish everywhere. Oh! And TextFugu will become a worldwide best seller! :D

  • LoliComplicated

    Omg. I need one of these things because, honestly, I have burned myself SO MANY TIMES on the steam from my taped down noodle cup. T.T!! I use kettle boiled water because I prepare it in advance on my way out the door, and I always in a rush peel off the lid and get a splash of steam in my face. If I knew when the cup noodle was cooling down and when not to touch it, it would save me some really painful steam burns. Expecially since my skin is hyper-sensitive to temperature, hot and cold. D: Cupman prz!

  • kokoro

    Due to my ramen being unsightly by not having a Cupmen on it, i don't even eat any. It's a tragedy.In hopes of getting a Cupmen, then I will be able to finally enjoy a cup of ramen, the proper way!! with a little, mysterious man hanging off the edge! Also, it gives me someone to talk to while my noodles are cooking…

  • knisan

    Cupmen was once my lover…I met him @ the 711 in Fukuoka. Didn't really notice him at first. I have a really bad sweet tooth and was looking for something to satisfy me. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into more minutes, and after 17 minutes…I couldn't find anything.

    On my way out of the Konbini I saw him. He was working the counter, covering a customer's Curry flavored ramen. Cupmen was the strong silent type that did his job right. All of a sudden, my sweet tooth became a ramen tooth! I picked up my favorite flavor of ramen (Shoyu Tonkotsu) I gave it to him w/ and winked! (I was sooo embarassed!)

    Expecting him to fall for me, he finished his job and gave me my ramen. Something was different, he gave it to me and held my hand. Because he was working, the moment was short lived. I finished my ramen and went home. The next day, I wanted to stop by and drop off some home made ichigo daifuku! I did this for about a month straight until one day…he was gone. I tried again the day after and he wasn't there. I asked the manager and he told me that he moved to the U.S.

    Months passed by and I was out of luck. I returned to California and was looking for a way to continue my Japanese. I was working full-time and didn't have enough time to work so I joined Tofugu. There was a period of time where you were gone…but you've returned! To my surprise, Cupmen is living with you!!!

    I wish to reunite w/ him someday, please give him my regards!


    Disclaimer: I'm a guy…and uhhh this is probably the first and last time I'll write a story from a woman's perspective. CUP RAMEN FTW!

  • darrellink

    I am going to college this summer and I am going to be taking as many classes as I can. I am going to have to eat paper and grass like you, but when I do have money it will be spent on cup noddles. Because of the lake of food and all the energy spent on school I will not have the strength to cook my noddles without a cupmen. You will be saving me much time and energy if you bless me with your kindness oh great Tofugu and send me a cupmen.

  • Casey Timm

    I am currently a broke college student as I am sure many of your viewers were/are/will be at one point. My brother in law recently bought 6 cup noodles…for my sister…but I shamefully at them in one week. THEY WEREN'T EVEN MINE! I am purchasing a large box of 30 or so cup noodle from Costco to compensate…and satiate my recent cup noodle HUNGER! In this recent cup noodle debacle I remembered one of the most common issues with the cup noodle. I use the fork I will eat the noodles with on top to hold the lid down…but the corners…they start bending up anyway! No matter how I orient the fork there is NO WAY TO HOLD DOWN THE LID! I need one of these cupmen to aid me in my quest through the box for a perfect, secure, and therefore the most delicious cup noodle possible. HELP ME CUPMEN YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!

  • Wei

    I would like one of these Cupmen because no other men will help me while I cook my cup noodle :( So lonely… so lonely…

  • warkwarkchoco

    One cold day in the recent past a tragedy occurred. I looked around the kitchen, thats when I saw it: a cup of noodles. “Hmm,” I thought, “Shall I eat these noodles? Why yes I shall, they are very yummy.” I grabbed the noodles, a cold shiver ran down my spine. Something was wrong. I shrugged it off, a tragic mistake. I boiled some water, and poured it in the cup. I then looked around the room for something to keep the lid down; to my dismay there was nothing to complete the task. This may sound like an exaggeration; however, to buy these noodles (though cheap) I was required to sell all of the objects in my house that could complete the job. As you may now realize, I am an avid noodle eater and will do anything to enjoy the supreme meal. I looked at my hand in despair realizing the sacrifice I was about to make. Trembling, I applied my hand to the lid. The hot steam rose immediately searing my skin, sweat beaded my forehead, and tears filled my eyes. The only thing that drove me through those few minutes was the thought of slurping on the noodle reward. After the few minutes that seemed like an eternity, I slowly removed my now limp hand. I soon visited a doctor to find out that my hand would need to be severed to prevent infection. The noodles tasted of the pain of a man who had lost the use of his hand. Now depression seeks its entrance into my soul, for I know that I will yet again succumb to the tragedy of a true noodle believer and forsake my other hand. I fear that a cup-man may be my only savior. In the name of all that is good help me.

  • Jessica Tellegen

    I remember the pain I had last week… my ramen was completely defenseless….It all started Friday. I was looking through my cupboards *stomach growling* when suddenly my eyes landed on my last Ramen cup. *yummy* so I poured in the steamy water and started waiting…but then suddenly I heard a crash!! Out of nowhere I was surrounded by samurai cats! And they demanded my last Ramen Cup…I tried to resist but…they were so fluffy and cute I couldn't resist! I had no chose I had to hand over my noodles….only if I had a little Ramen Protector, to ward off the evil fluffy Samurai cats…I wouldn't have gone hungry…I need the cupman he’s my only hope to yummy ramen again. Because the samurai cats swore they would return….help me cupman.

  • Benjam Limjap

    Instant cup noodles is soo good that i have a whole lot of it almost everyday. But unfortunateley for me i have to constantly grab random items to keep my noodle cup lid closed.
    Perhaps a sock, sometimes a chicken, or a small paperweight(which falls inside the cup anyway so i have to go get a new one)
    NEED that cupman SO BADD :D

  • Bell

    Let's be honest. It's not just that I need Cupman–it's that we need ~*~each other~*~. We were meant to be; we complete each other.

    I am trapped in a system that takes away all my choices…there is only econometrics… and multivariable calculus. No one acknowledges me, just because the lack of sunlight has changed me.

    I feel empty inside too, Cupman. I feel it too.

    But there is one thing that makes me feel alive, even in the face of people's hatred–ramen. Those who ridicule you, don't respect you, are fools. You are the protector of the greatest life source.

    Don't you see? We belong together. Come to me, away from those fools who know not your talents. I will protect you, and drive away the darkness that seeks you.

    These are my honest feelings. I hope you feel the same Cupman…I hope you feel the same.

  • Darkmessiah24

    Cupman will help me to cook my noodles without me having to look at the clock to make sure my noodles are at the right temperature.

  • brodo458

    Im not one for a love story, but as soon as i looked into the cupmans eyes i knew it was love at first sight. Im not gonna lie, these past years have been terrible with the fustration of the cup noodle lid flicking back. I used to cry every night knowing that the next day it will happen again. But if i had a cupman, it would change my life forever. Someone to talk to while waiting for my noodles, someone to practice japanese with, someone to listen to my problems and someone to love <3 You see koichi, i need cupman and im pretty sure he needs me, so give our love a chance and do the right thing. Please :) I will love you forever koichi! <3<3<3
    p.s Not in the gay way (Unless you like that kind of stuff) ;)

  • Konran Tsurugi

    A cupmen is like my father, and how he makes me a cup of ramen when i was growing up. I always spill the soup while holding onto my cup of ramen. My father always pat me on the head and say “It's okay son, I'll hold it for you”, so by having a cupmen, I can always remember the wonderful father and son bonding between me and my father eating cup of ramen. So please help me remember those wonderful memories and send me a cupmen. please.

  • Tre

    I honestly have nothing good to say after reading all comments.

    Im just going to be blunt i want a cupman simply because cupped ramen is the only thing in my buget range and simply just love noodles. ^^

  • Rain

    Gosh I really dont want a cupman i need a cupman!!! It sucks when i have nothing to hold down my lid of Cupped ramen with every tip the little flap comes open letting the heat just fly out! eating cupped ramen cold isnt good it taste like chicken anus. I was just so hungry one time pacing up and down the kitchen just waiting for the cupped noddles to heat up lifting up the lid every so often then i had to go take out the trash and when i came back..there lay my noodles on the ground spilled everywhere this could have been solved if i had a cupman to body slam the cups lid into submission so itd never get back up.

  • Alex

    i can haz cupmans pl0x

    No, seriously. My dog is too large to watch my ramen lid, and he doesn't change colors. That, and I make it Greek style, so it'd difficult. ;-;

  • Andy

    My old grandfather, who so loves ramen, has a hard time eating his ramen these days. He has a symptom called shakyhands, which means he can't use his hands properly due to the intensive shaking of his hands. So he has a hard time eating his favorite ramen noodles. And fortunately for him, like the good grandchild I am, i always help him make ramen. However, due to certain cercumstances…I have to leave him for a whole month. So as a parting gift, i would love to give him those amazing handy and cute cupmen for a parting gift. If you give me the cupmen…you would be doing a great deed for me and ofcourse for my ramen loving grandfather.
    Thankyou my good friend :D

  • simplymesue

    Im wondering who came up with the idea of the bending over position??:P

  • simplymesue

    Im just wondering who came up with this bent over position??:P

  • SunnyLoves

    I'm not japanese at all..
    And I never went to Japan..
    But my favourite thing is.. eating instand noodles..
    thats the only thing i know japanese ppl always eat.
    So, I'm trying to get a bit closer to japanese food ;DD
    In germany there are just these noodles ^^'


    Hes from Japan.. I need him really really really!!
    And I think, his life in germany will be wonderful ;D


  • japanguy34

    Well you see the reason I need a cup man is because I made him a promise. A while back his family was poverty stricken and he needed a job to keep feeding his family and to help them live the rest of their lives with full stomachs. I promised him that if he is willing to keep the lid on my noodles down then I would make it a full time job and he would be able to go back to his family with food in hand and they would all live happily ever after.

  • silentgen

    I am on the quest for the perfect cup noodle experience!

    I have searched high and low for something to properly hold down the lid, alas, I have failed. I have tried tape, though when the time came to take part in my feast, the tape was too efficient, and caused me to fly into a rage and throw the cup noodle across the room – not the most successful of attempts. I have tried placing chopsticks on top of the lid, however upon my return, they had rolled off to unknown parts of my kitchen, causing me to search on a floor not quite clean enough for the adventure.

    Please! Help me to reach my holy grail – the perfect cup noodle!

  • John Ber Nabung

    I must get zee Cupmen for zee college life of Cup Ramen! Eating cold and hard noodles isn't zee best thing to have… oh curse you little holes in zee cover!

    And, I shall fill Cupmen with a heart!

  • Maja

    Aww so cute! XD Ok apart from it being cute, I really need that because I'm moving to Tokyo in two months. And you know, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza…all my money's gonna go to waste in shopping so I'll eat ramen everyday probably for the rest of my life..(not XD untill i finish university i hope?)
    So pleaseee XD at least i'll look at that cute man and won't hate ramen that much?:D

    Anyway I've seen the youtube video too..congratulations! It's fantastic that you're doing what you like most for a living ^^

  • Stef Dijksman

    well i will tell you why i need this wonderfull cupman!

    it's kind of tragic tough.. so don't cry for me because i did that allot mysellf already..
    i myself as a software development student who lives on his own, really am to lazy to cook for mysellf.. so i am adicted to the cups with instant noodles. well .. one day.. i was making my noodles as usuall… i poored the hot steaming water into the cup with the oils and flavours and put the lid on again, but then as everyone knows.. whe lid opened again.. but the problem was.. i didn't have anything to close it but my own hands so i did as ususall .. and i tripped.. causing all of the noodles and the steaming hot water to burn my hands so siverely that i couldn't do anything with them anymore. this was a month ago and i still have problems with my hand as i am writing code allot for my homework. i also have nightmares of deamon noodles wanting to burn my hands over and over again.. it is really frustrating..
    so if i had this litle cupman.. i would never have to have this nightmare again ! you would.. basicly save my life and i would be eternally gratefull for that!

    soo how about it? are you going to save my life?

  • Zuzu

    Why I need cupman-
    To cupman, or not to cupman: that is the question:
    Whether 'tis safer in the mind to eat
    The cups of noodles of outrageous heat,
    Or to take cupman to fight against a sea of ramen,
    And by opposing end them? To burn: to weep;
    No more; and by a cupman to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand unnatural burns
    That flesh is heir to a consumption of noodle.
    Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep, to get cupman.
    -By Cupspear (Zuzu)

  • gimmemyswordhoe

    One summer , a young bold freshmen spilled his ramen all over his new plad shirt ( That sh## cost me 20 fluffing dollars..) In search of the perfect lid cover he under goes severe training , including :
    1.Learn the ways of the cupmen
    2. Something else that he didn't remember
    3. Did you know that you only use 10% of your brain , weird right O_o'
    After 20 days and 20 nights the young warrior would face his greatest enemy , the chop stick.
    The young mate had not yet learned to control the chops sticks , be the chops sticks.
    So he headed out to japan under a wise old monk , to teach him Chop kwan doh.
    When he returned his father began calling him the ” savior of the land” and that he would inherit half of new jersey if he could keep the little ramen lid down with a hilariously and intuitive idea.
    So he again set on his journey to rescue Tofugu from the evil 50 feet tall ramen cup. Hoping that he would achieve completely bravery and Tofugu would give him a cupmen for his ramen so he could eat his ramen without having to clean the microwave after a s***load of ramen spilled out from that annoying a** lid.
    ~{[: Comming soon in theaters, rated PGMahcupmen:]}~ -Swoosh swoosh-

    Do it or little Xiau Xio dies >:|

  • Diana Villa

    Well I want a cupmen because we both have something in common :D We Both Love Cup Noodles <3
    We would make a perfect team. He holds the lid down while I wait for my noodles to be ready without getting burned ^^.
    So plz can I have a cupmen?

  • Alex

    I like noodles. I need a friend.
    Life is all better with a cup man!
    I am sorry, that is lame. (I mean my slight rhyme)

  • James Tanner

    I HAVE TO WINN why???!?!?!?!?!?!? because i shall die i eat so much cup noodles i need this product all i do is eat cup noodles and play wow i have microwave in my room i have boxes of cup noodles from sames cllub <333 i hope i win ive never won a prize before

  • BakedStitches

    I am in need of said Cupman

    My mum is a paperweight and went to the same school as Cupman. They were boyfriend girlfriend, and he was all “yeah I love you” and all that. He promised my mum the good life, as he landed a job holding down ramen lids, which brought home enough money to support a family.. and my mum believed him.

    Then on prom night….. he impregnated her… somehow…. 9 months later I was born. The hero known as cupman split, leaving my mum for a ken doll. (Turns out ken really enjoyed men who only had a “bent over” pose, and my dad was a bitch)

    So I was browesing therough my youtube subs and “lo!” there was a picture of my dad! (I knew it was him from a photo we have at home)

    SO in conclusion…. This is not about kens OBVIOUS homosexuality.. it's about re0uniting a family!


  • Rukishou

    What is that Cupmen/Cupman doing to my ramen!? For shame!

  • valicitor

    I want to learn how to cook ramen =D

  • Galen Borson

    As a college student, as I presume most other people making comments on here are, I share an apartment with three other roommates at the University of California at Santa Barbara. We only have one refrigerator which can really only store one gallon of milk at a time. This means that milk runs out quickly in this house, and if I ever want a late-night snack I have to pray to some myriad of gods/deities that there's still milk left in the refrigerator. Thankfully, once the milk has disappeared, I have my packages of cup-o-ramen ever at the ready. Were it not for the aforementioned noodles at my disposal, I would have gone many a hungry night in my tiny, tiny bedroom, howling at the full moon through my tiny, tiny window for sustenance.

    In short, cup-o-ramen is a temporary life-saver for me, so for me to have a contraption that makes its consumption that much easier would be a godsend to say the least. In the past I've had to use my Nintendo DS to keep the lid closed. It's nice because it acts as an alleviation of boredom while I wait for the noodles to cook, but it doesn't change color like I would want in a dead-weight.

  • Jennifer

    I dont know what to write @_@.

    But i love noodles ^_^ i make some everyday sometimes twice if i got a cupman me and my brother would fight for it he would probaly steal it and call it his (like my ramen bowl >_>) but with this man i will put a mustache on it so he knows its mine!

  • Eva Jensen

    I'm a hard working single mom. And I just love ramen…

    Almost every evening, when the destroyer has gone over to the dream land – I'll turn on my computer and prepare my cup noodles… Chicken flavour, I love…. Ready to be eaten….but some how along the way…..within those 3 minuttes….something happens to my brain – or should I say the opposite….

    I use a book to cover the top – won't let anything slip away…. But, like I said – something happens in those 3 minuttes, which makes me forget that under this big heavy book (500 places you need to visit before you die…), there is my ramen – my relaxing time – my zen time… (nope, it's not Santory time…)
    Either I forget I've ramen beside my computer (surely, I cannot see the ramen cause of the big book…) and go to sleep or accident happens – as in I get annoyed over a book lying very close to my computer and leave only tiny space for my mouse…… and I'll simply push the book away….. and there goes my ramen, my zen time – all over the table…
    Yes, this is my life…

    I deserve a cupmen!! :o)

  • icupman

    beCAUSe….capUman need someone who can fill his heart with noodles just like me….uhhh I know this times you need someone to live & eat x-)

  • Kezuka

    I really want a cupman because while waiting for noodles the suspense simply kills me.
    Why not kill time by watching the cupman hold the lid down?
    It sounds pretty cool the fact that it changes colors.
    Simple things impress me.

  • Steven Ulahannan

    i need some cupmen because……….theres no one else that will sit on my noodles acting all cool and collective like them

  • Mashimaro

    I don't eat cup noodles,but that little guy would be fun to throw against the wall!I could entertain myself for hours!

  • Elliot Simpson

    ~The following story is fictional. My parents are actually very nice and have never beaten me in my life… maybe ~

    Chapter 1 – Youth
    Growing up in my household wasn't always the easiest thing… In fact it was the opposite. While other children were outside playing on the playground and enjoying themselves, I was inside… cooking Japanese food. I slaved in the kitchen 24/7 making assorted Japanese cuisines and deserts. Why couldn't I stop what I was doing? Why couldn't I just go play with my friends? One simple answer: parents. To make things simple, my parents loved food. But not just any food; Japanese food, and ONLY Japanese food. And who cooks all of this food? Me. At one point of my life, I refused to cook dinner for my parents, and that's when my life turned for the worse. My parents started beating me ferociously. That's when I learned my lesson. Never disobey my parents word. I knew I would be forced to cook Japanese food every day for the rest of my life.

    Chapter 2 – Schedule and Punishment
    I cooked so much Japanese food in my life that I can recite the schedule backwards and forwards.
    Mondays – Miso Soup
    Tuesdays – Assorted Sushi
    Wednesdays – Fried Rice
    Thursdays – Tempura
    Fridays – Curry
    Saturdays – Instant Noodles
    Sunday – Break (usually my family gets fast food on Sundays. I love Sundays.)
    You might think that this isn't so bad, and that I could easily adapt to the schedule. Unfortunately, my parents eat five meals a day of the specified food for that day. That means that I am constantly in the kitchen cooking. One Wednesday, I accidentally cooked the rice too long. When my parents tasted the rice, they made a look of disgust, and forced me to spend the rest of the day watching Dragonball Evolution over and over… That is not a good movie.

    Chapter 3 – Instant Noodles
    There is one day out of the week that I dread the most. Saturdays. Saturdays are when I am forced to make instant noodles. Making instant noodles is such a simple task, so why do I hate it so much? Well, my parents are very particular when it comes to instant noodles. Every time I make the noodles, the lid on the cup always manages to fly off. When my parents taste the noodles, they know something went wrong. I've tried everything to keep the lid on: tape, glue, cement, etc. No matter what I try, the lid always flies off of the cup. Every Saturday I am punished severely, and I will continue to be punished until I can make a perfect cup of instant noodles. If only I had a cupmen… Then I would never have to watch Dragonball Evolution ever again.

  • Gofure

    I am in desperate need of a cupman! You see, I have a friend who was in a horrible accident involving a giant duck and an army of ninjas. Unfortunatly, my friend is now sitting in a hospital room somewhere in the border between Alaska and Africa (little known fact, Alaska is now connected to Africa) with a broken spleen, waiting for medical treatment. The only cure is to feed him cup noodles, but the doctor is lacking the proper tools to correctly cook the noodles. With a cupman, the noodles would be cooked to perfection and my friend will be able to return to his job as a professional hopscotch player. Please, my friend needs his cup noodles!

  • Konan_Ao

    I actually used money to keep the lid down..
    but my money keep getting wet and useless…
    That didn't really work. I'm soon running out of money !!
    And when I saw this I thought “Hey, they are awesome to look at!”
    and not only are they awesome, but they could provide a little amusement for me.
    I barely get through school without my cup noodles!
    Please.. Pretty please with a cupmen on top ?

  • dacii

    Obviously I am a fan of all things cheap and yummy thus I have a large amount of cup noodles in my possession. Alas I have younger siblings who do not understand the art and skill necessary to prepare good cup noodles, and their impatience gets the best of them. They prematurely lift the steamy flap! When I leave for college in a few months there will be no one to save them from themselves, except cupman! Please save my family from a life time of stiff noodles! Please save them cupman!

  • emiriicchan

    For the past few years, eating cup noodle has been the purpose of my life. It's exhilarating to wake up and think,”My breakfast this morning is going to be cup noodle.” I always run downstairs in hopes that I can have about 5-6 cups of cup noodles. And believe me-I know how challenging it is to get the noodles beyond perfect-because they're already perfect.
    Over the years, I've tried many things. Like cats, laptops, doors, phones, and especially small children . Cats don't work, because by the time I'm ready to eat the cup noodles, there's hair all over everything. Laptops just fall off and break. Doors won't fit. Phones ring, and when they're on vibrate, they just fall off onto the floor and it just so happens that at the moment your cat is walking on by, so they step on your phone and because they're so massive, they break it. And then small children don't have the attention spans to just lay on a cup of noodles, so they eventually either get up and leave, or vomit on your favorite blouse that your grandmother gave you right before she moved to Arizona.
    So, please: If I had one of these extraordinary cupmen, not only would I be able to keep children from hurling on me, I would be able to own fully working electronics. That and, have even more delicious cup noodles.

  • akumaookami

    i always eat cup of noodls
    but everytime i eat the noodls something horrible gos wrong. i have nothing more than a simple shoe to keep the lid down, but when i put the lid down my mother tells me to take out the trash and ofcourse i cant do that because i have one less shoe and if i use my other shoe than my hot water will get cold (samui mizu=kanashii)
    so knowing that if i take off the shoe than my water will get cold butt if i dont take out the trash than i will be in alot of trouble, i then go out with one shoe on, thats when the worse happens…i step in a pile of some sort of liquid. this at first seems harmless but than i soon realize that this is a highly toxic water that gets obzorbed into the skin than starts rotting the skin. soon i finaly make it to the dumpster and throw a way the garbage but i am in extreem pain because of my wound. i then limp back to my house but on my way an evil snake sees that i am weakened and decides to try to move in for the kill. i than run as fast as i can, oh crap he is gaining on me. he somehow jumps (dont know how that is possible for a snake) and bites me on the neck. now i am paralized. good for me my mother comes out to see what all the racket is. she is shocked and horrified to see me like this. she soon takes me to the hospital and i am all write. butt the bill is thousands of dollars. the worst part is is that i feel like haveing a cup o noodles every week so if i got
    cup men than none of this would ever happen and my familly would save millions of dollars a year.

  • Alex

    I tend to have no friends, ever. I need the cup man to be my friend. I always eat hard cup noodles because i have no cup noodle man. I need cup noodle man.

    PS please

  • Morgan Moro

    Every single day when I get home from school, I eat cup ramen. This has been happening since I was in 8th grade. Next year, im going to be a senior. Anyway, the point is, I can never seem my fork on my cup noodle long enough for the noodles to cook, so I never get perfect noddles. This, of course, makes me upsets. (´;ω;`) But, with Cupmen, that will no longer happen and I will have perfect noodles!

    Thank you very much! (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

  • Duncan

    i relly need the cup man because all that i eat at school and at home is cup o noodels and yea i relly could us it

  • Alejandra Mendez

    i want the CUPMEN SO BADLY because i eat a lot of noodles (cup noodles ) i eat marucha lots and lots of them icant help my self ,,,,so yeah im still trying to stop eating that much that doesnt im going to stop eating them so pick me PLEASE and it will be my first time on winning something !!!!!

  • Ryan

    I eat Ramen as if I were a college student. I live off of the stuff, but there is nothing in my house that weighs just enough to keep the lid down, so I often have large things (Textbooks, Televisions, Laptops, Old style Telephones) on top of my Ramen cups to keep the lid from coming off. Usually, the weight causes the Styrofoam to break and then all of my flavoring and hot water runs onto the floor. sooooo…… Cupmen would be awesome for me.

  • Jokill

    dear koichi, it is extremely hard for me to keep the cup noodles closed whenever i make a cup deathcats come out of the blender AND EAT MY HANDS and then i have to wait a whole week for them to grow back, after i manage to swat the deathcats away he-man tries to escape my cup of noodles because he-man flavored ramen is the bomb and being a ramen critic only fresh he-men will do, its really hard to keap the cup closed with my hand-less arms and only cupman would be able to hold in the incredible strength of he-man. and then at the 2 and a half minute point a purple dragon breaks through my roof after smelling half cooked ramen noodle from my half open cup and then it breaths plasma tatter tots all over my new collectors addition bean sprout WHICH RUINS THE TEXTURE COMPLETELY and makes it all slimy, after i fend off the dragon with a large fish stick my ramen is done but since the lid was open halfway it was all lukewarmish.

    cup ramen + repair costs+bean sprout=$alot of money$

    and all for a lukewarmish cup of instant ramen, and to think this can all be avoided if i had cupman

    koishi you are my last hope!

  • joseph

    I HAD A VISION LAST NIGHT. A little rubber man visited me in my dream, he insisted that I come with him to the land of Maruchan. I arrived only to be run off by raw ramen monsters who imprisoned the rubber mans people in plastic packaging, the rubber man begged me to free his people, so I went to the Monsters and said let my people go!! Alarm Clock. Unfortunately I was never able to finish getting my rubber people to the promise land, so this is why I need the cupmen to fulfill a promise, because thats my way of the Ninja!

  • Cupgirl

    Dear Koichi:
    I've been working hard for the past months, alone. I have no friends, people just ignore me when they don't need me. I'm loney, so lonely. All I can do everyday is have a cup of ramen in front of me, a really stubborn one. I have to hold the lid with my own hands waiting for it to get ready.
    And then…I saw him. The arms, the body, the color.
    It was love at first sight. We're soul mates. Please, let me have Cupman, my life would be perfect if I had him to help me when I'm working and keep me company when I'm not.
    I hope you understand…we're made for eachother. We will hold the lid with our love together, forever.

  • karly(:

    I live in a dark lonely cave with nothing but Ramen and my computer (with internet:]) I have to eat hard noodles because i don't have a little man to hold the lid down): and thats why my computer got busted (the water fell on it) because i didn't have a little man holding and caring for my noodless… dhberuf see? Oh how i need one.

    Thank you(:

  • bryantr

    I once was told if your hungry and want something quick, cup noodles are the answer. Ever since then cup noodles has been one of my favorite foods. It would also make cup noodle better if i had a cupman to hold down the lid and not me [ cause sometimes the smoke comes out and burns me :)].

  • frillcity

    Every time I make the cup noodle she is sad, because she is so cold. I leave her with the chopsticks but they are flakey blokes and always teeter off. The forks are even worse, sometimes taking poor cup noodle down with them. Never again should I have to return to see her cold alone. She needs a real man in her life, one who can keep her lid down in her time of need, a cupmen.

  • T.K.

    My favourite food is ramen, i cook it many different ways, ramen is the only thing i cook, i'm tired of only using rats instead of cupmen & wait im from london we dont call it ramen we call it noddles, anyway I should get this because ive been to the flutterscape website before….. but you probably wont pick me.

  • JackiJinx

    My cupwoman is lonely ;)

  • eric28

    Why I want a Cupman:
    C – Can save me 3 mins/day, can use this 3 mins to read my Japanese textbook
    U – Unlike Sasuke, this guy seems trustworthy :)
    P – Perfecting my Cup Ramen to the Iron Chef-Level Ramen… Ala Cuisine!!!
    M – Mama Mia!!! Ooops… should've been Men Men Miaaaaa… Ramen for life!
    A – Ano [CUPMEN] wa totemu benri desuyo…
    N – Need more reasons? I think you should give me one :)

  • jwere

    As a child growing up on a Westbank Indian reserve in Canada, life was rough. Sources of income for us were haphazard, and the government-run programs were sometimes not enough to feed all of us. To get by, we would spend hours every day rolling cheap cigarettes to sell to the white people that came to visit out village. Often (especially in the cold, punishing winters of British Columbia) our funds were so scarce that we had to rely on Nissin cup noodles as a source of food. Although lacking in many of the nutrients that our bodies needed, it was enough to get us through the worst of them. For instance, I will never forget the time my brother had stayed outside one cold December night; the wind was roaring and the snow had piled up to the waist. “Naks!” I yelled out in futility to the howling wind in my native Okanagan language. “Usil Kałis Mus!” My words were swallowed by the stormy night. Panicking, I grabbed a torch from my shack and lit it in the fire we were using for warmth. Not only as a man of the tribe, but since the death of my father as the man of my family, the life of my one sibling was my responsibility. I bundled up as best I could, and went out into the harsh, unforgiving night against the pleas of my mother. She said she could not lose both her children. Those lost in storms such as these rarely survive; however I would never forgive myself if I let my brother die like this. The storm lashed at my exposed flesh with unrelenting fury, but I could scarcely feel the frostbite setting in as I frantically searched for my brother. “Naks!” I screamed. “Habuly agaku mawai'i!” I could not see him within the village, and he was not in any of the other huts. Suddenly I knew. I ran up the Aj'kuu hill and across the frozen Mauri river, to the place my brother would be. As I raced towards the grave of my father, I could only think of the pain my father would feel should I let my brother die. Sure enough, slumped upon the grave marker was Naks, covered in a thick layer of snow. “Naks!” I shouted, but he was unconscious. I quickly carried him back to the village and into our hut. From the way his body shivered uncontrollably I could tell he had hypothermia and his grey, hard features made me suspect frostbite. “Konnte a cthulipe! Espa kotine anotha!” My brother! May the spirits save him! I poured warm water over his body, and he began to blink. “nnnn… ni…..” he croaked. I leaned closer.”N…Nii….Nissin.” he whispered to me. I understood. So quickly, I boiled a cup of his favorite noodles, chicken and veggie. As soon as he took a sip, light came into his eyes. I think the gods smiled upon us that day. My brother lost all feeling in his nose and lips to frostbite, but escaped with his life. I am just thankful that Nissin makes such wonderful noodles, for until he slurped that first noodle I was certain he would die. We don't have much here, so we usually improvise with sticks or hardened coyote droppings to keep our noodles sealed while they boil. But one of those things looks so much better. So please, send our village the gift of a Cupman. I promise I will cherish it and it will keep the noodles of my entire tribe sealed.

  • lilangel8932

    i have no big complicated story for why i need this cupman. But in short i will tell you why i do need this. I work in a huge office space. with one breakroom. i work in the back of the building while the breakroom is at the front. by the time i warm up whatever it is im eating especially cup noodles, its cold by the time i get back to my desk. that in itself is worth the cupman lol im sick of cup noodles and they won't let us have microwaves!!!

  • Kira

    i meant i am tired of cold cup nooddles. ha ha. typos! gotta love them!

  • Guest

    i meant i am tired of cold cup nooddles. ha ha. typos! gotta love them!

  • Leslie

    I'll be honest. I'm single and always have been single. For me, my dream is to have a man who will share my ramen obsession with me with no judgements! After my intense star wars training battles every morning I usually sit down to enjoy a nice cup o ramen. To have cupman hold the lid for me every morning while I complete my battles, I'll probably make out with him.

  • Domingo Izamal

    I need a Cupmen because there are no Cupwomen.

  • bryan

    well u see kind sir i work all day and all night and my mean slave driver makes me cook those delicious noodles every second but atlast, i have nothing to hold the lid down so he makes me use my face. and he doent even give me any noodles all he gives me is rocks. i have to teeth half of my face is burned permenatly. so u see kind sir if u give me one of those cupmen my work would be easierish.
    thank you,

  • Laboose

    I need one because covering my ramen with a saucer is uncool.

  • Kelsuuchuu

    I would absolutely LOVE to recieve a cup man! Oh, how he would help me so, so much!
    Not only do I not turn colors while waiting for my noodles to cook, it just never works as effectively when I try that pose on my cup noodle!
    It always spills, or squishes, or just ends up burning me. Such resistance and strength he has! I am envious, and I would like to learn from the master :3

  • NicoNicoSuru

    Sad little Cupman
    Your colors are red or blue
    Now, ramen is done.

    Poor Mister Cupman
    Your body is shaped oddly
    But still, I love You.


  • danialg

    After Godzilla destroyed my house in Bangkok, I was forced to eat Cup Soups, and not just any cupsoups, the disgusting Maruchan cup soups. Much to my dismay, I was forced to stand there and hold the lid down, nothing would work, something would either be too light, or too heavy! How can someone write his haiku and hold down the ramen lid at the same time!?

  • cadmond

    love the videos keep up the good work tofugu. gambare! P.s. awsome cupman

  • jackayz

    Every day my master, Squimoushkugg, the glorious evil octopus overlord, forces me to lay on top of his cup of noodles for his breakfast, lunch, post-lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, and bedtime snacks until I've finished singing his country's national anthem and the noodles are done. I have horrible noodle cup circumference burns all over my stomach and I can no longer wear my favorite bejewled neon-pink midriff chemise in Squimoushkugg's presence. I'm afraid of entertaining the thought of how magnificent my life would be with a cupmen to replace my noodle lid duties because I know I'll get beaten simultaneously with 8 whipping sticks if my master sees any spark of hope in my eyes, but if I had one, I might actually have time to thoroughly clean all the ink stains out of the his royal bath towels which would lead to less daily beatings! Pick me!

  • KoichibensgirlfriendLOL

    Wow… got some pretty deep comments there…
    Err… i just want a cup man… because… men that change color AND bend over for noodles are keepers :)

  • KoichibensgirlfriendLOL

    Im sexually confused. And i need a man. A cup man to be more specific. Given by Koichi. Without a little cup man… holding down the lid to my cup noodle. And my heart… I shall never love another man. And if i turn gay, i shall blame you Koichi. Ill probably get kicked out of my house, i would probably be banned from changing in the girls changing rooms at my school. And Koichi, it will be one less girl who thinks your びもくしゅうれい is unbearable.

  • Ako Murphy

    Koichikun, watashi-no name-wa Ako desu. I married a white guy and he eats a lot of noodles, I mean A LOT of noodles. When we first met I made him some zaru-soba and he told me they were “cold and fishy”, what the hell?! So of course I married him and now I have shown him the light and he eats, like I said – A Friggin' LOT of noodles!
    Well, every week my Mom gives us a care package of soba and natto and calpico and there is always a case of cup o' noodles. Well, when my husband makes his cups o' noodles he uses o-hashi to hold down the lid. He never puts them back and now he has lost them all and I have only one solitary lonely last hashi!
    Save the Chopsticks Koichikun! Send me Cup Men! Please!


  • Youtuber

    Actually and honestly I think that everyone needs that if they eat ramen. Anyways I won't waste my time on making up a good quality story and honestly say, that I, like everyone else needs that so the ramen doesn't get hard.

  • Rebeckila

    As a graduate student I spent most of my time in my depressing office shared with 20 or so other people. I lived on ramen secreted away in my desk drawer behind boring books. I kept frozen veggies in the department freezer so I could add it to the ramen and pretend it was healthier. Making the ramen was always interesting because I had no cupman to hold the lid down and was forced to use other methods to prepare my noodles. I tried using the coffee maker or old take out containers. I'd leave the ramen in the lukewarm water our electric tea pot could make while I waited for time on the computer. Instead of being able to enjoy ramen in 3 minutes I had to wait 10 or even more. It was a sad life. If I'd had a cupman I know I could've had speedy noodles and maybe I wouldn't still be working (or really not working at all) on my thesis two years after I finished my classes.

  • TsirhcSusej

    Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved cup noodles. It was part of my family's favorite food, and my earliest memory of eating it was when I was five in Hawaii. I always used makeshift and poorly constructed materials to cover the cup, often resulting in spilled hot water and noodles. Once I got a phone call and in a hurry put a toy frog on top of it, and it fell right into the cup. Soon, I'll be moving to Alaska. As you know, it's cold throughout a lot of the year there. I will need some noodles to keep me warm throughout the harsh winters! But, whatever will I use? Icicles? Those will melt from the heat! Whale blubber? That's disgusting! Maybe I can get Sarah Palin to talk to it so much that it won't want to open up. Though, all these problems can easily be solved if I had Cupmen! I will respect him and give him a nice, warm bed to sleep in, and set him next to my little Eiffel Tower souvenir I got from France. He'll have a friend, my dog loves small things shaped as people or animals. You will make me happy if I receive a Cupman! Thank you greatly, sah.

  • Shahiir of Malaysia

    Since i live in Malaysia. Cup men is very useful to keep myself busy by staring at it. couldn't this better than looking at the clock and wait for three minutes for the noodles to cook. Think about it, since i ate kimchi ramen in a cup, this would be one of my first foodware.

  • Joolsy(age 11)

    Every time the lid of my cup noodles slips off it triggers a sapsm in my left thigh and consequently it stimulates my bladder and makes me pee myself…or in the noodles…..please i need this cupman or my pee will take over me!!!!

  • lnsu

    I'll need my cupman as my wingman when I go study abroad in Japan for the next year. I'll be pimping my stuff as I bust out my wingman and go style'n on them cup noodles. Then I'll proceed to pop on my shades and be fresh when I eat my noodles, just to realize that everyone in Japan will probably have no friggen clue what a cupman is.

    But it's okay, I know my wingman has got my back.

  • Amanda

    I've just moved to Korea and I'm pretty lazy after my hard day's work of teaching Korean children English. So naturally I predict eating a lot of cup noodles in my future when I don't feel like cooking. What better way to prepare my Shin Ramyun cups than to have a lovely cup man hanging off the edge? He'll make sure the insides are nice and cooked, and I will no longer have to prematurely lift the flap and poke at the noodles to see if they're done.

  • artista.oscura

    Ode to a Cupman!


    Steaming paper top.

    Oh, Cupman, for instant noodles he doth wait!
    Gently, he hangs, o’er lids steaming edge,
    And, when he hangs, he does, ever so divine.

    What, that I could make of mine home, his home,
    And make of mine noodles, his charge,
    And make of him, forever, mine meals companion!

    The pigment of him devotedly wanes,
    Whilst the torment of time does leisurely ebb.
    Oh, Cupman, ‘tis he for whom I pine!

    (a poem by artista.oscura)

  • Callisto

    When I was only but 3 years old, I remember looking up at my father with big, glittering eyes as he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

    “Daddy,” I squeaked in my innocent voice, “There's nothing more I want than to eat cup noodles that have been perfectly prepared. However, every time Mommy makes them, the lid curls open a bit and the heat and moisture escapes the cup. Daddy… Will I ever have noodles so wonderful that they will bring tears to my eyes? For that is my one true wish.”

    My father glanced down at me and away again. I could see he was trying to hide his tears. He sniffed a bit and cleared his throat, creating a facade of a tough exterior. When he had gained his composure, he looked down at me with disappointment in his eyes, forcing a smile. “Sweety,” he said, “you know your daddy wants you to have a wonderful life and grow up to be successful and happy. But when you're older you will learn that it's not always possible to accomplish one's dreams.” His speech became broken by escaping sobs. “I'm sorry, darling. I- I really wanted for you to have everything. If there were something– anything– I could do to give you that perfect cup of noodles, I would. But I… I'm not that super hero you thought I was. No, your daddy is just a regular human. I'm sorry…”

    I've never forgotten that day and the pain in my father's eyes. I'm an adult now, and when I eat my cup noodles, I hold down the lid with my hand. I can feel the warmth of the noodles within. It's like the warmth my father expressed to me that day he cried over my unreachable dream.

    A tear trickles down my cheek.

    But now… Now I see these Cupmen, and my heart skips a beat. Father, do you see it too? Do the cups of noodles in Heaven have their own winged Cupangels? Father, my dream can finally come true. Don't cry for me, Father. Don't cry for me.

  • Rachel

    Dear sir, I would love to tell you in full detail of how I so desperately need a tiny cupmen to accompany my noodles however I fear I do not have much time. Precious noodles are on the line.

    You see, there are rumors of a 'fox' lurking about. I am sure you know how sneaky those foxes are so you must understand that I am worried.

    People say that this fox has hobbies such as knocking items off of high places, forcing them to plummet to their doom. Supposedly he is also very nosey, shoving his face in places that it doesn't belong!

    Obviously this could get rather problematic if I were to say, have a cup of ramen sitting about …sort of like I do now.

    I don't claim to be a student or particularly low on income but I certainly enjoy my noodles and would prefer that they not be lying on the floor, stolen, or filled with 'fox' fur!

    If you could please give me a hand (or two tiny ones), I could really use the help of these little men that you seem to have an abundance of. One would greatly help in my endeavor to eat safely without any mishaps.

    Either way, keep a look out for said 'fox'. Included is an image so that you may recognize it although it is said that most that see him, do not survive!
    (how the heck did I get this picture then?….)

  • Lokarte

    i usually close the lid with a fork… bad idea…. once my noodles are ready i have to wait for my fork to cool down ><… i need one really bad!!!

  • Ryan H. Rivera

    Oh great Koichi-dono! I am in desperate need of a little man to hold the top of my cup ramen as it cooks through the mystic power of steam! I am a college student, so it should be apparent how much I rely on ramen while working all night to finish the project that I waited to begin working on until the last minute. I tire greatly of using my wand to place on top of the cup ramen, for when my 100-year old umbrella comes to life every now and then, becoming a deadly karakasa, I have to fight it to the death, grasping desperately for my stick of magic, which usually leads to me knocking over my ramen or, dare I say it, removing the pressure from the lid and causing the delicious noodles to remain uncooked! If I had a Cupman, he could not only protect my ramen, but keep me company and cheer me on through college, all-nighters, and even fantastical battles with unimaginable monsters! So, to assist me in my collegiate quest of might and magic, I plead to thee, o Koichi-dono… nay, I plead to the great God of Cup Ramen, to send me a man to help cook my noodles!

    Thank you oh so much for your generosity, and remember: A mage in need, is a mage… whowillgotothosewhohavehelpedhimandgrantthemthreewishes,actingastheirmagicalassistant… indeed.

  • inkathebadger

    I don't need this because I'm a college student or that I have no time to cook, or that I miss real Japanese food since leaving Japan and have been oh so craving it. I need this so my husband who I am currently teaching Japanese, does not starve. My husband is an IT guy, so naturally he spends hours at the computer and forgets to eat. I have to literally message on his computer him while I am in class to remind him to eat. With the Cupmen posted on guard at his computer this little buddy can act as a friendly reminder to make some hot water and pour it over the ramen noodles, which is the only culinary skills he currently holds. As well he won't leave the noodles for too long until they become too soggy as the colour change will remind him they are getting cold. So please not for me, for my husband who is already a skinny thin boy who needs his ramen noodles.

  • O Great Leader

    Dear Jacques Koichi,
    I am the “O Great Leader” of an Instant Ramen Club. We meet every week to try out different types of instant noodles and then express our emotions about our experiences through journal entries.
    There is nothing we appreciate more than the warmth and convenience of cup noodles.
    Our hero is Momofuku Ando, who after much deliberation and hard work, was able to invent Cup Noodles in 1971. Cup noodles have revolutionized the world.
    And cupmen will revolutionize our noodle club. Those three minutes spent huddled around the tiny styrofoam cup are agonizingly long… I was more than delighted to discover that a miracle such as cupmen existed. There have been so many accidents where the chopsticks rolled off the paper lid and let out all the steam… もし、cupmenがあったら……………………….

  • Sir Nikki the Great

    I will answer your question with an even bigger question: How would I NOT need a Cupman????

  • Mandela

    because having a random cupman on my cup noodles would be random

  • tonyz723

    It's such a hassle to make cup noodles, you get some boiling water, pour it in the cup, and leaven it there for three minutes. If I had a cup man, he could keep me company, so I dont feel like leaving the cup noodles there, and then forget about them, and come back to them all soggy. I could ask my cup man, hey, are they done yet? and wait for his response, and after waiting for 3 minutes, go and eat my soup.

  • Ultimatekaos

    I am definitely happy to hear that you get to do what you love for a living. It is alot harder for a person like me not knowing what it is that I want to do in life. Sad, saying that I am almost 23. Anyway, more power to you and If you need any support just let me know. Nice to see you back!!!

  • Libii

    In the city of Noodleville, a Cupman once saved me from the onslaught of evil spaghetti sent by the Spaghetti Monster, who some believed to be a god. The battle was a long and bloodly involving moldy Presto sauce and scorching hot water. It was a hard time where I almost got sick and burned. Fortunately, with his special lid attack, Cupman, with his comrade Maru-chan, defeated them. Unfortunately after the battle we split ways. I was forever grateful to Cupman and Maru-chan! Recently, I already thanked Maru-chan but I think he misses his comrade.

    I feel that I must thank Maru-chan and Cupman by reuniting the two of them. This is my intention.

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  • Loc Lam

    I need a Cupman/men because I am doing their job right now. Every time anyone eat noodle (including myself) at home, I am forced to stand there for 3 minutes and hold down the flap. My mom, dad, and sister all said I do it best so I HAVE TO DO IT FOREVER. It was okay at first, but now it's driving me crazy. Please help alleviate me from this task!

  • Morient

    *I'm not going to lie; I really don't need this Cupman. In fact, if I win this Cupman, he's probably going to be imprisoned in a dark, scary kitchen drawer for the rest of his Cupman existence. Sure, he will see the brief light of day when I open the drawer to retrieve a much more loved and wanted fork, and he will think to himself “*sigh*, if only I were such a useful utensil,” but he isn't. He is just a Cupman in my drawer. Perhaps one day I will take him out briefly to let him witness the awesome task of cooking Cup Noodle; then he will see me place the ever-so-useful fork on top to keep the lid down, and he will feel worthless. I should feel bad for him, but I probably won't and will laugh in his sad Cupman face. In closing…I'm quite possibly the WORST person to give a Cupman to.

    *Just kidding, I really could use a Cupman and do not support Cupman negligence. Forks suck!

  • Heathyrb

    All my life, there has been an empty hole living inside of my heart.. waiting for a friend to fill the void, fill me with happiness and bring tears of joy to me instead of the tears of dread I cry because of my friendless life.
    I am a woman, so I am an emotional eater. This usually involves cup noodles. CUP NOODLES.. My sweet beloved noodley friends.. the only things keeping me going in this cruel life. UNTIL ONE DAY.. I saw a video made by a french man that changed my life. It was about a sad Cupmen that so desperately needed a friend.
    I said to myself.. “LORDY! I HAVE FOUND THE FRIEND I HAVE SO DESPERATELY NEEDED MY WHOLE LIFE! But.. but.. it takes a contest to win you.. my little friend..”
    So.. to show this tiny Cupmen he has a true friend.. a friend that is willing to enter a contest and WIN HIM ; I am here. I have arms.. unlike a heartless banana.. I will help my Cupmen friend when he is in need! I will love my Cupmen.. and he will love holding my noodle lids in place.. We will live together in harmony in my tiny apartment behind Chinatown forever and ever.

  • Priscilla Bojorge

    Dear Koichi,

    I really really need that cupman! Days and days of only surviving on cup of noodles in my cave is very boring and lonesome. I want a companion to keep me company. I'm so lonely, I think I've gotten schizophrentic! At least, with the cupman, that one other voice in my head could possibly belong to him.
    ~ Priscilla (a ramen eating otaku)

  • corsairsinphonse

    Tofugu-san, I humbly call upon your magical holding of Cupmen!
    See, I was introduced to ramen noodles at the humble age of 7, and many years later [but not TOO many… alas, I'm still a student, thus my repeated diet of ramen, toast, and occasionally potato chips], I'm still sifting through various cans and empty cereal boxes to find those treasured cups [expired cups, nonetheless] of ramen in the back of my cabinet to use. They really don't differ in taste much, but hey, you've gotta save money to buy MORE food, ne?
    Anyway, unless you want me to keep holding down lids with random household objects, some of which I've found, to my dismay, are explosive [Sculpey incident, 2008, didn't read the bold “DO NOT MICROWAVE” on the package beforehand… >>], I ask if you will grant me one of your whimsical yet efficient Cupmen so we can travel the world together and inhabit many microwaves along the way. I won't let you down, Mr. Tofugu, this I swear! ^_^

  • Maymay72

    i dont have anything to hold down my instant noodle lid; not even proper eating utensils. I am forced to hold on to the lid with my bare hands. thats very hard to do because of the heat the lid wil have, not to mention my temptation to keep checking to see if its done. If i have a cupman i am able to walk away from my noodles until it is done. you see with cupman i am able to eat my noodles quicker because i wouldnt constantly check up on my noodles.

  • April Hatfield

    Ah cup o noodle, My faithful friend and cause of so many searing hand burns. So many times I have sat you under a coffee maker on top of a plate so the hot water would make my noodles soft, but what was the problem? The lid always rose up because of the steam… OH whoa is me I will have to wait an extra 30 seconds to a minute for my cup noodle because steam is escaping from the lid. I put my hand over the top to hold down the lid 'Drip' The still scalding water from the coffee pot hits my hand and I call out in pain. What can I do? Is there a product out there that can save my poor burnt hands? Something that can take the heat and bear the responsibility of holding down my cup noodle lid? Is there such a thing? Ah wishful thinking….

  • Irene

    I need those because they are totally adorable. I probably won't even use them for what I should, I'm just gonna stare at them and hang them at random places like my bookshelf because they're so kawaii. ^^ Give them away to someone else who needs them for their purpose because I am SO ordering one (or two… or like five) if I don't win (which I won't for sure XD). Thank you for showing us those. (:

  • calvinhobbz

    I probably have cup noodles like 5 times a day xD
    it is my fuel and my survival food ^_^
    there's a boy, with a dream of making cup noodles even easier than they already are
    i am that boy, please help to spread cup noodle joy =D
    but if not…here's my dream….*poof* gone xP
    and remember!!!!!~ 私はラーメン大好き!

  • HikikomoriNEET

    You see, the plain truth is, everytime I try to warm up my ramen, I end up squashing it trying to keep the lid down =[. This is because I sit on the cup when it is warming with my bare buttox, if I don't how will I be able to tell how hot is it? This doesn't matter anyway as I cannot eat it or warm it up when it's all over the floor, unless I use my hairdryer…the one I am too poor to afford =D! But wait…there is a solution =DD! If we get a somehow smaller man to sit on it FOR me…someone who could also…TELL HOW HOT IT IS >=D!! But who would that be? Hmmm, some kind of…10cm (roughly) heat sensetive object…do you have anything in mind, Tofugu 0.0?

  • Tylerawr

    Because I will say please. Please?

  • Tylerawr

    And also a nice Madlib done by me and my friends:
    “Dear Kids,

    I just want to set the record straight for you. Wolves are great animals, and for reasons you may not be aware of, we wolves get a bad rap. Every time someone gets eaten or something is stolen, who gets blamed? Wolves, that's who. Wolves aren't shitty. In fact, we're quite bitchy.

    I'm a wolf, and I don't steal! I give things away. Every year, I donate shits to the Bitchton Retirement Home. And I've never shat anyone in my life. All I do is bitch merrily through the forest. Of course, once in a while, I like to shit a shit. You can't blame me for wanting to have some fun! And, as for eating anyone, that's a fairy tale. All I ever eat are bitch tits.

    I know how the rumors got started. This kid, I think her name is Little Shit Brown Bitchinghood, started saying terrible things about me. SHIT!! She even accused me of more bitching her grandmother. That's a lie! Her grandmother is too shittacular for me. And as I said, I don't eat people!

    If you ever hear Little Shit Brown Bitchinghood, or anyone else for that matter, saying something bitchrageous about wolves, please defend me. I need all the help I can get.

    Your friend,
    Ima Wolf”

  • peaceofyuna

    I will attempt to convince not just you, but the cupmen themselves too~


    Oh, Mr. Cupmen (maybe Cupman? singular?), I am in desperate need of your assistance. Everyday I battle with the lid of a cup noodle top. I've tried my chopsticks, but they will just roll over. I've tried stabbing a fork into the lid and the rim, but my forks are just too heavy. I've been reduced to using a rather silly paintbrush! Paint and noodles do not fare well together. What I need is pro, what I need is you! Mr. Cupman please come my way~ the weather is nice here and I'll keep you company, I'll even give you a warm cup of noodles as your bed, but if you prefer cold… that's cool too. Please come live with me cupmen (^ー^)ノ{ぜひ来てください~]


    p.s. Cupmen are so cute, I really like them!

  • Saisuke

    When I was a small child, my family went through a rough time. No one was educated, and common sense wasn't something we could claim. We saved all of our income for 6 whole months, living off mice and our apples stolen from our neighbor's tree. We then spent a large amount of the money on Cup Noodles and can openers. Why did we get the can openers? We didn't know either. So that day, we got home with many, many bags of Cup Noodles. We made an agreement with our humble neighbors to boil water for us. So our neighbors indeed boiled the water for us. When we walked over to our home to pour the water into the noodle cup, we realized we had nothing to hold down the lids. We eventually had to save one of the mice we had been eating for so long. We named him Padro and trained him to sit on top of the noodle cups.. We did that for 8 whole minutes, until Padro finally passed away from sadness. We were all at loss, but that didn't mean we couldn't go on. We managed to get some contacts and have a fundraiser to acquire a laptop. The power comes from a plug in the side of our neighbor's home. We also use their internet connection. We stumbled upon your fundraiser, and realized that Cupmen is what we need. We need him like a fat man needs cake. We need Cupmen like a cowboy needs his spur. Cupmen could be our savior.

  • ohnoez

    Well, see, the things is…

    My Cupwomen are lonely.

    Are you about to break up true love?

  • giweigel

    Hey Tofugu, Redneck Rosetta Stone.

  • Julia

    Every time I try and make my cup of noodle, I leave, and when I return.. all of the little dried Tofu(gu), my favorite part, has grown wings (or maybe fins in this case) and flown away!
    Cup Man, save my tofu from escaping!

  • giweigel

    It is almost like the cupman is saying ” These are my noodles”. Then you just toss him away and eat.

  • Scal

    To be as good as Mister Ajikko when cooking noodles for my friends and myself.
    I want to see the Japanese imperial flag turning on it's center behind their head while tasting noddles!

  • Kei

    Im not gonna lie to you Koichi. I eat cup ramen everyday. And that god-damned lid always flips up. I've tried putting my chopsticks on top to keep that lid down but theyre so light they roll off the lid, on to the floor. the dirty,bacteria ridden floor. ANd I have OCD T^T.

    If I dont get one of these cup guys, I may shoot someone out of rage. Please help.

  • ZhaR

    How dare you insult the Flying Spaghetti Monster like that! 'Twas not he who sent the evil spaghetti! Man, angry that he had to cook for himself attempted to make our beloved Flying Spaghetti Monster look bad. 'Twas man who made a massive meal of moldy noodles and sent it down upon his friends!

  • sumi

    Rain falls – and waiting
    For my ramen to cook
    I dream of Cupman.

  • Claire

    I like my noodels realllllly soft so I like to lave them for a while and at current I just use a upside down bowl over the noodels, but then that's not nearrly as cool is it? Recently I tried putting it in the microwave to make them super hot…

    I forgot a lot of them have foil lids and so the plastic part of the pot set alight with a decent sized flame and smoke… I've done it again twice since. So yea, these little men will stop me burning my house down and make my noodels extra squishy and yummy! >.</ Save my house! x

  • Willie

    RAWRRRRRRRRRRR I NEEDZ ONE COZ LYKE MEH NOODLES R ALWAYS HAHD WHEN I EATZ DEM T_T plus at school i usually take tests during lunch so like i need someone to watch my noodles while im gone but like when i get back, its like wtf dude, i told you to hold my noodles… only a cupman can satisfy my needs for some1 to hold my noodles

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  • yooo

    i need a cupman because i have no friends to eat cup noodle with my cat and I
    ^ ^
           γ⌒´‐ − ⌒ヽ
            〉ン、_ `{ __ /`(  )
         (三0_´∧ミ キ )彡ノヽ`ヽ)
           ̄    ノ~ミ~~~~.| 0三)
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            /_  へ    \
            \ ̄ィ.  \  ).
             i__ノ    |, ̄/

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  • Anne Phan

    I really need a Cupman. Why? I practically LIVE off of cup noodles. There's really nothing else to eat….except for rice,I guess…but that's boring. I put my chopsticks on the lid,but then they get really hot and/or wet,and I can't stand that. Plus,the chopsticks only cover about 1/6 of the lid,so when the noodle-y aroma comes from the places where the chopsticks don't,I just HAVE to eat them. And when I do…..they're all…..gross. And under done. Yech. With a Cupman,I wouldn't have to worry about…….eating under done noodles,and I would never have to deal with hot,steamy chopsticks ever again~
    You're probably thinking,
    “Now,why don't you put other things on your lid then?”
    I can't. I've tried forks,knives,a Wii game box,a Pokemon card album thing,paperclips,pencils,pens,a ball of yarn,duct tape(it was neon green…),my DS(which honestly wasn't a very good idea),a book(also,a very bad idea),and so many other miscellaneous items. But they all got hot and steamy,and overall,icky. I'm sure a Cupman doesn't do this,right?
    Also,as I'll be going to college at some point in time,I'm gonna need a buddy to help me with my food while I study. And….I have the tendency to open the lid to check on the noodles when they're getting ready… a Cupman would tell me to back off,and wait til they're done. And since his arms change color while they're getting ready,I'd be too entertained to try and open the lid while the noodles cook up.
    It's insane,my need for a noodle buddy,and I hope that you see it in your heat to send me a noodle guardian…….by the name of Cupman.
    My noodles are looking at me with their(nonexistent) big eyes,begging for a guardian so that they may reach the noodle stage of nirvana.

  • Anne Phan

    Waiting for noodles…
    Water goes in :D
    Waiting…. :I
    Waiting…. :I
    Waiting…. D:
    Waiting….. D:<
    Opening to check…. O___O
    Not ready…. D:
    Waiting….. :I
    Smelling the noodle-y ness….. D:
    Opening to eat…. :D
    YECH! Chopsticks are hot! D:<
    They're not nommy. T~T

  • UsakoBrii

    Can I tell you my story in the form of MANGA?
    Or does it have to be written out, Kind sir? )':
    Don't make me write.

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