It’s been a while since our last Japan-related Saturday time-waster, so I thought it was about time for another (before Saturday is over). This game is a bit old, but I just discovered the sequel to it. Oh cursor ten, sometimes I wish you were cursor eleven.

The game was made by Yoshio Ishii, a Japanese flash game maker (that’s about the only Japan-connection it has, come to think of it). The game seems simple enough at first: Click on cones to get points, and click on the stairs to get to the next floor. There is a timer, and you have to get to the 16th floor before it runs out. But then it gets more complicated. One cursor can’t get you to the top in enough time, because there are obstacles in the way… Spikes, things you have to press and hold to open the way to the next area, cones to click, stairways to reveal, etc. That’s why you get ten cursors. When you move on to cursor two, cursor one repeats all the actions from before, which means you have to be a team player… with yourself.


You can see my poor cursor got stabbed by a spike. Luckily cursor number three will get through, whew.


Look at all that teamwork! Go play cursor10 and cursor10, 2nd session right now (and don’t forget to brag about your scores!)

  • brian

    kinda seems to remind me of portal

  • WOTDsctoo

    So I got to stage 16 with cursor 10 right as time runs out. (I had to skip some pyramids :/ I just couldn't get there otherwise) It says game over, but a fraction of a second later, I complete stage 16 and it tells me I win. Is it legit??

    Btw, thanks for the huuuge time waster. XD

  • Maciel

    WOW!!! this game is awesome!!!!!

  • masterman300

    wow its hard

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