I’m working on another post, but with that comes procrastination, and with that, comes Japanese cat videos. I can’t take credit for this one, though. Viet found this one, then commented about it on Erin’s photo blog, and then Erin showed it to me. This is 100% pure fat Japanese cat gold, though. There are a ton of videos, which I’m about to relay here (some of these don’t allow me to embed, so you’ll have to click through to see them).

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Now, even though this cat is sitting on its butt and looks like a grumpy, fat, drunk, old Japanese dude, it’s actually only 5.4kg (just under 12 pounds), which isn’t that heavy. This cat consists of a lot of fur, aparently, as you’ll see in the next video. It’s the shampoo diet!

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Dang, this cat looks really sad. What amazes me about this cat is that it puts up with everything. And when I say everything, I really mean everything.

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The can’ts name is shiro-buu (白ブー), where 白 means white, and ブー is probably referring to its weight (that’s kind of a guess, let me know if I’m wrong!). Let’s see what else Shiro-buu tolerates.

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Not only is Shiro-buu wearing bunny ears, but that’s a little pink wig underneith. Makes me want to get a cat and dress it up, though I imagine most cats aren’t as patient. I guess this cat does have the good life sometimes…

[yframe url=’’]

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Here we see Shiro-buu underneath the kotatsu (a low table with a futon, and a heat source underneath). That’s a smart (and very warm cat). When he’s not lazing about, he’s sitting about, getting fed by humans.

[yframe url=’’]

Or hanging out inside of boxes… I don’t imagine he could get out of that thing on his own…

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And, luckily it does get some exercise, sometimes, though it is attached to a leash.

[yframe url=’’]

So, there you have it. The product of procrastination. You’ll never see a better cat post here, at least not anytime soon. Back to work for me! If you fancy this post, please give it a tweet or stumble! This cat is oh so stumbly. Here’s the rest of the videos. High quality regularly updated cat goodness.

  • Marc

    wilford brimley was reincarnated as an entire species of cats

  • tindra

    well, if one calls lounging about all day dressed in pretty attire (except for the pink hair in the 4th video – what is up with that?) and being fed treats non-stop “putting up with everything”…then i'm gonna start putting up with things more often. :-)

  • Viet

    I love the look the cat gives in the first video at 0:47s.

  • spacejay4000

    that poor cat lol. it is amazing what cats will tolerate. though i have to say that the videos are creepy cuz the guy's not talking. i would expect at least a chuckle or saying its name or something lol.

  • Lisa

    haha xD that cat is scary~
    i prefer Maru the cat who loves sliding through boxes

    or goes in a bin

  • Mai

    XD! It looks so angry D:~

    Did anyone else notice the fire hazard connected to the outlet in the first video ==;;? Maybe its just me.

  • koichi

    I'm thinkin' it's just you :P

  • lawnmowerlatte

    Hahaha, that was great! I missed it the first time through.

  • koichi

    Seriously, what was he thinking?

  • lucky_c

    Ahah, I remember watching the first one last year. I loved it. XD I'm a cat lover, but sadly, am allergic.

  • mmnessa

    this is animal cruelty! but it's a cat and I don't like cats so who cares XDD

  • erika303

    Haha wow, that is one awesome cat! Lol I love it's 'WTF' look XD

  • tekuno

    you have no idea how better my day got after viewing these hilarious videos. I love the one where he's all wet and just stares at the camera. :D My laughter could not be contained

  • stephen

    you guys know if there is a nico nico version of any of the videos. I also want to read the comments of the Japanese have with the cats…

  • Maciel

    out of all of those videos, i dont think i heard the cat meow or growl or say anything once hahaha
    i could just imagine it talk and walk on its hind legs like Muta from “The Cat Returns”
    hes a giant white fat cat that is kinda grumpy
    theres a picture =]
    except this cat from the anime actually talks

  • Tofugu_Erin

    I dunno, I feel like this cat looks more like the Cat King, hehe.

  • Veronica

    Ahh I love this blog :D

  • Zaywex

    What amazes me is the ability to sit around for thirty minutes watching cat videos. I mean, how do the cat's do it?!

  • Eevee

    ahaha. Wow. That's just amazing.

    The holiday one? Yeah. The cat's like, “FOOD NAO -grabs-”
    xD Wow. That's one fluffy cat. I especially love the furrowed brow, scowling eyes, and mustache-esque face.

  • Chimiko


    Cute cats.. but what's the point…? Procrastination..?

  • dramaplot


  • masterman300

    fat cats are awsome

  • GJB995

    Great cat videos

    and they are fat jpanese cat gold

  • masterman300

    screw you!

  • narutobleach111

    what the hell was with the random screw you comment jimmy

  • kitty

    HAHAHA these cats are so funny with their grumpy mustaches they make me laugh so hard

  • kitty

    HAHAHA these cats are so funny with their grumpy mustaches they make me laugh so hard

  • kitty

    HAHAHA these cats are so funny with their grumpy mustaches they make me laugh so hard

  • Designerhandbags

    wilford brimley was reincarnated as an entire species of cats

  • Designerhandbags

    wilford brimley was reincarnated as an entire species of cats

  • Dewalf Yltcefrep
  • StoneMask

    I don’t think it puts up with anything. I think it just adorably enjoys all this.


    hahahhaahahahah it just never gets old hahahahahaha these grumpy looking cats are the best