Those silly otaku are finally wishing they had met their moms. See? Never leaving your room does have implications.

They are finally putting down their Gundam model constructor kit. They are finally putting Street Fighter II down. Some of them are even facing that big yellow orb in the sky and huffing and puffing their way on over to “Mother Café,” a particularly maternal café in Osaka with “older looking women” who are actually instructed to nag you about things… “Just to get the experience to be more accurate.”

“Takeshi-kun! You really need to pay for your visit this time.”
“But moooommmmm.”
“No, seriously, you actually have to pay for this.”

You’d think you could experience nagging from your actual mother, if you wanted to. So how in the world did this place come into existence?

Apparently, “Mother Café” was created because “there wasn’t really anywhere that had a library of over 10,000 different manga, and also allowed people with a bit of a maniac streak about them to pursue their hearts’ desire.” Maniac streak is right.

The Mother Café’s boss (for some reason I have the image of an angry, old, Norwegian woman) said that they staff their café with women who are capable of understanding worries people have and have experience dealing with people of all ages. They want it to be a kind of therapeutic café where customers feel at ease enough to open their hearts to the staff.

Well, I suppose if they open their wallets as well, that’s all that really matters…

I don’t know about you, but I’d be completely creeped out and on edge the entire time, especially if they were trying to act like my mom.

“Koichi, would you like to tell me how your grades are?”
“Hmmm, let me think. No.”

If a customer is lucky enough to find a “mother” that doesn’t completely terrify them, though (or nag you too much about being a loser), they can have that mother serve them every time they come for a visit, at no extra charge.

Can you imagine though? I wonder how many people ask their moms for money to go to a Mother’s café…

This sort of thing definitely wouldn’t fly in America, but I can kind of seeing it doing somewhat well in Japan. There’s a complicated relationship between children and the mother, which I’m not particularly willing to go deep into (right now). Still, the otaku culture has come up with some even stranger things, so putting a Mother’s Café past them would definitely be a mistake.

What do you think? Would you pay some older looking lady to nag you?


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    That mom maid in the picture above is totally moe-moe.

  • Designer handbags

    That mom maid in the picture above is totally moe-moe.

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  • Anastasia Debby

    Well, I actually think it’s rather logical? I would prefer to visit places where I can feel comfortable, a restaurant or a bar that has friendly staff that makes you feel at home would surely make you want to come back again and again. I mean, if the waitresses are older women who acts friendly as if she has known you forever, especially if you’re a homesick student who lives far away from home, wouldn’t you feel comfortable and happy? When you return from that place, you will feel like you’ve found a second home. Then the biggest chance is that you’ll come back again.